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Vive Health

Wireless TENS Unit

Wireless TENS Unit

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Providing targeted relief, the Vive wireless TENS device is a non-invasive, drug-free option for safe, effective pain management. The wireless design is perfect for active individuals, discreetly adhering to the skin under clothing for on-the-go use. Multiple treatment programs and intensity levels also allow you to customize each session. Great for travel, the set includes a compact storage case and a charging cable for easy portability.


  • Noninvasive Pain Management

Stimulating the nerves to relieve pain and release tension and stress, the Vive wireless TENS device is perfect for managing your pain at home or on the go. The wireless design allows the electrode to be placed discreetly under clothing and the compact remote easily slips into a pocket for greater convenience. A compact storage case is also included to store the wireless TENS device, remote, charging cable, and electrode pads for easy portability.

  • Powerful Personalized Relief

Featuring six auto modes and nine manual modes, the Vive wireless TENS unit allows you to easily select a mode and set the intensity to one of sixteen levels for each 15-minute treatment session. Each mode provides soothing, drug-free relief for sore, aching muscles. 

  • Wireless Rechargeable Design

Controlled by a lightweight, pocket-sized remote, the Vive tens unit is completely wireless to avoid catching wires on clothing or frustrating tangled cords. Usable during mild to moderate activity, the wireless TENS unit device is lightweight and measures 2” by 2” for on-the-go use. The rechargeable device has a long battery life and also includes a charging cable for convenience.

  • Flexible, Pre-Gelled Electrode Pad

Reusable for up to 30 sessions, the wireless electrode pad is pre-gelled and securely adheres to clean dry skin. The flexible pad contours to the body for optimal relief and is suitable for use on the shoulders, neck, arms, waist, back, and legs. 



  • What’s Included:

    • 1 pc Vive Wireless TENS Unit

    • 1 pc Remote control with battery

    • 2 pc Reusable electrode pad

    • 1 pc Storage case

    • 1 pc Charging cable

  • Color: Black

  • Dimensions: 4 in

  • Weight: 0.1 lb

  • Materials:

    • PMMA

    • ABS

    • Glycerine

    • Water

    • black carbon conductive layer

    • release paper

  • Latex-free: Yes

  • Cares

    • Do not get the remote, electrode body, or electrode wet. 

    • Place the electrodes back on the electrode sheet after use.

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