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Vive Health

Vive Tube Alternating Pressure Pad

Vive Tube Alternating Pressure Pad

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Experience unparalleled comfort with our Tubular Alternating Pressure Pad, engineered for those requiring extended bed rest. Its ultra-quiet pump ensures peaceful, uninterrupted sleep; crucial for recovery. This pad provides relief from pressure and pain, effectively preventing and alleviating ulcers and soreness. Tailor your comfort with the integrated variable pressure dial, allowing personalized airflow adjustment for optimal support. With unique tubular-shaped cells, this pad evenly distributes pressure and conforms to body contours for targeted relief. This innovative design not only enhances comfort but also promotes better air circulation, making it an essential aid for improved well-being and restful recovery. 


  • Ultra-Quiet Pump To Promote Rest

Experience undisturbed, peaceful sleep with the advanced ultra-quiet pump of the tubular alternating pressure pad. This state-of-the-art system is designed to operate silently, eliminating the disruptive noise commonly associated with pressure pumps. The quiet operation ensures that both patients and caregivers can enjoy a full night of restful sleep, to promote recovery and well-being. 

  • Soothing Relief From Pressure And Pain

The alternating pressure pad is expertly designed to offer significant relief from sore spots and pressure ulcers, making it ideal for individuals bedridden for extended periods or those with limited mobility. This innovative system gently redistributes pressure across the body, helping to prevent the formation of ulcers and alleviate existing soreness. 

  • Integrated Variable Pressure Dial

This tubular alternating pressure pad is equipped with a highly intuitive variable pressure dial, enabling users to fine-tune airflow to their specific comfort needs. This feature allows for the customization of sleep settings, ensuring that each individual can find the pressure level that works best for them. 

  • Unique Tubular-Shaped Cells

The alternating pressure pad features unique tubular-shaped cells, a design that stands out for its superior ability to distribute pressure evenly. These cylindrical cells conform more naturally to the contours of the body compared to traditional flat cells, for more targeted and effective relief from pressure points. 


  • What’s Included:
      • 1pc tubular mattress
      • 1pc pump
    • Color(s): Beige/Tan
    • Size(s): One Size
    • Product Dimensions: 78*31.5*3.3in (inflated) – 100.75in*32.75in*1mm (deflated)
    • Product Weight: 7.62lbs combined
    • Product Material(s): PVC
    • Latex free: Yes
  • Care: 
    • Use cloth with a mild detergent solution or a surface detergent/disinfectant for cleaning the pad and hose.
    • Do not use corrosive cleaning products such as industrial degreasers or acetic solvents.
    • Keep away from sharp objects as they may puncture the pressure pad.
    • Do not attempt to open cover for pump, as there is a risk of electric shock
    • Keep away from open flames and hot objects
  • Product Dimensions: 
    • 78*31.5*3.3in (inflated)
    • 100.75in*32.75in*1mm (deflated)
  • Product Weight: 
    • 4.97lbs mattress + air tubes 
    • 2.65lbs pump
    • 7.62lbs combined
  • Carton size: 
    • 58.5*32*28cm
    • 5pcs/ctn
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