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Vive Electric Patient Lift with Sling

Vive Electric Patient Lift with Sling

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This product has a removable battery

Safely transfer patients or loved ones from wheelchairs, beds, baths, or other furniture without the need to strain or risk injury. The Vive Electric Patient lift provides reliable support with a steel design that fits elegantly in your home. Supporting up to 400 pounds, this patient lift includes a variety of features to enhance safety and provide added convenience for users and caregivers.


  • Effortless And Safe Transfers
  • Elevate the care of patients and loved ones with the Vive Electric Patient Lift. Its sleek design enables secure transfers between wheelchairs, beds, sofas, and baths. The swan-neck configuration seamlessly integrates into your home, leaving space for surrounding furniture. Experience dependable and smooth lifting and lowering thanks to the durable electric actuator, to protect caregivers from potential injury that can result from manual lifting. 

  • Comprehensive Safety Features
  • Prioritize user safety and convenience with the Vive Electric Patient Lift. It boasts an emergency stop button, soft start and stop functions on the lifting actuator, and a pull-proof design to secure the AC plug. Advanced software and hardware safeguard against over-current issues and over-duty scenarios, to prevent damage during electrical surges.  

  • Tailored Support With Adjustable Base
  • Customize your patient lift effortlessly with the adjustable base, with no bending or straining required. The sturdy steel frame supports up to 400 pounds, while the lift actuator reaches heights from 31” to 68”. Count on reliable support that enhances mobility in any room. 

    • User-Friendly Removable Battery

    Say goodbye to charging hassles. The portable battery pack is easily removable with a smooth release button. Keep tabs on the battery’s status with the intuitive indicator lights. The LCD display provides clear insights into battery life and power status, enabling seamless patient transfers for extended periods of time. 


    What's included

    - One Lift
    - One Sling supports weights of up to 400 pounds
    Color(s): white

    Product Weight: 95lbs

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