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Vive Air & Gel Ankle Stirrup 9 Inch

Vive Air & Gel Ankle Stirrup 9 Inch

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The Vive Air & Gel Ankle Stirrup provides maximum stability and support for sprained ankles, peroneal tendonitis pain, Achilles pain, sports injuries, or more general ankle pain and discomfort. Customize your ankle brace with the removable air pads, foam pads, or Arctic Flex gel pads for soothing hot and cold therapy. Two rigid stabilizing exterior shells help to prevent ankle rotation, so you can experience a faster recovery. With customized levels of compression support, this ankle wrap promotes better circulation and helps promote natural healing. A sleek design fits inside shoes and soft, breathable material provides greater comfort for everyday wear.


  • Stability And Compression Support
    With two rigid and stabilizing exterior shells, the Vive Air & Gel Ankle Stirrup ensures minimal ankle rotation and prevents inversion or eversion of the ankle. Adjust the level of compression with the strong and soft velcro straps and customize your brace to fit your needs. 

  • Foam, Gel, And Air Padding Options
    Choose from the removable gel, foam, and air pads and personalize your ankle support brace. Two air pads help absorb the impact from each step, while the two foam pads offer soft and dense support for all-day comfort. The Arctic Flex gel pads can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer for soothing relief from pain. 

  • Promote Circulation And Recovery
    The two strong and soft velcro pads allow you to adjust your level of compression and customize the fit of this brace for greater comfort. With steady compression therapy, you can promote circulation, reduce swelling, and promote natural healing. 

  • Universal Design And Adjustable Fit
    Wear this ankle support brace on the right or left foot and adjust it to meet your desired level of support. Great for men with shoe sizes 4-13+ and women with shoe sizes 7-15+. 

  • Universal Design And Adjustable Fit
    Purchase confidently with the Vive 60-day guarantee.


  • What’s Included:
        • 1x Ankle Splint
        • 2x Air Pads
        • 2x Foam Pads
        • 2x Gel Pads
      • Color(s): Outer shell - Black, Foam Pads - Black, Air Pads - Green, Gel pads - Blue
      • Size(s): One size (9”)
        • The bottom is adjustable so it can fit men and women
          • Men 4 - 13
          • Women 7 - 15
      • Product Dimensions:  25cm tall, 9.5cm width at the top and 6cm at the bottom
        • Thickness of the plastic: 3mm
        • Both top and bottom strap are 50cm in length
      • Product Weight: 1.32lbs (Splint, air pads, foam pads and gel packs total)
      • Product Material(s): 35% PP, 30% Polyester, 20% Gel, 15% Foam 
      • Gel: Clay gel
      • Latex free: Yes
  • Care:
      • Remove the pads and wipe them down with a damp cloth, dry immediately. 
      • Do NOT machine wash or dry.
      • Do not submerge in water. 


    • For left or right feet
    • 2 upper velcro straps
    • Bottom straps to extend out and adjust the size for larger or smaller ankles. 
    • Outer rigid plastic shell
    • Can be worn with socks or shoes
    • Swivel straps
    • 3 pairs of different pads: air pads, gel pads, foam pads. 
      • Gel pad:  Clay gel, 172g/pc
      • Extra pad for gel pack
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