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Vive Health

Vive 50-Mode Tens and EMS

Vive 50-Mode Tens and EMS

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Experience versatile and personalized pain relief with the Vive 50-Mode TENS Unit. This advanced unit offers an impressive array of 50 modes designed to cater to various pain and tension needs. With 20 TENS modes for muscle relaxation and pain relief, 20 EMS modes for muscle strengthening and recovery, and 10 FITNESS modes for targeted muscle group stimulation, you have a comprehensive pain relief solution at your fingertips. The large LCD display ensures effortless navigation through modes, while the Type C charging capability guarantees quick charging and prolonged usage. The package includes a variety of electrode pads, including square, circular, and rectangular shapes to ensure optimal contact for effective relief and relaxation. This comprehensive TENS unit is your go-to for personalized pain management and relief. 


  • Effective And Personalized Pain Relief

The 50-Mode TENS Unit by Vive offers an array of pain relief options that can be tailored to help relieve pain and tension. The first 20 modes, specifically designed for TENS applications, cater to muscle relaxation and pain relief. The 20 EMS modes are tailored for muscle strengthening and recovery, while the 10 FITNESS modes help you achieve your fitness goals by stimulating muscle groups. 

  • Large And Easy-To-Read Lcd Display

The Vive 50-Mode TENS unit has a spacious LCD display that ensures easy readability. The clear screen makes it effortless to navigate through different modes and adjust settings according to your preference. No need to strain your eyes or struggle to figure out the settings–this TENS unit ensures hassle-free use. 

  • Quick Charge And Long-Lasting Battery

Charge your TENS unit fast with the hassle-free Type C charging capability. The quick charge feature ensures minimal downtime between sessions, allowing you to focus on managing your pain. Additionally, the long-lasting battery ensures that you can rely on your device for extended periods, whether you are using it at home, at work, or during travel. 

  • Includes A Variety Of Electrode Pads

The 50-Mode TENS unit comes complete with a set of 4 square pads, 2 rectangular pads, and 2 circle pads to accommodate different muscle groups and target areas. These electrode pads ensure optimal contact for effective pain relief, muscle stimulation, and relaxation. With these included pads, you have everything you need for a comprehensive pain management experience. 


  • What’s Included:
        • Tens/Ems Device 
        • 1 Type C Charger
        • 4pcs 2 x 2” Square Pads
        • 2pcs 1.4” Circle Pads
        • 2pcs 2x4” Rectangular Pads
        • Plastic Carrying Case
      • Color(s): All white 
      • Product Dimensions: 4.5” x 2.1” x 0.59”
      • Product Weight: Tens unit - 0.156lbs
  • Product Material(s): 
      • Lens:PMMA
      • PCB:FR4
      • Buttons, plastic shells: ABS
      • Electrodes: Glycerine, Water, Black carbon conductive layer, Release paper
    • Latex free: Yes
    • Care: Device - Wipe clean with damp cloth, Wipe dry. 

      Electrode pads, Wet with water and wipe clean with cloth. 


    • 50 Mode Tens (Tens Modes 1-20) (EMS Modes 1-20) (Fitness 1-10)
    • Large Easy Read LCD Display. 
    • Type C Charging. 
    • Included Carrying Case 
    • Dual Channel
    • TIme settings (15,30 & 45min) 
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