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Toilet Bowl Liners 24 Pack

Toilet Bowl Liners 24 Pack

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Providing a sanitary solution for outdoor use, natural disasters and other emergencies, the Vive Toilet Bowl Liners are simple to use and dispose of. Made with medical-grade material, the toilet bags are generously sized to fit both standard and elongated toilets. Reducing splashes and spills, each leak-proof liner includes a super absorbent pad that traps unpleasant odors and holds up to 67 ounces. Each box contains 24 toilet bowl liners with 24 absorbent pads.


  • A Hassle-Free Toilet Emergency Solution
    Perfect for portable camping toilets, RVs and boats, our leak-proof Vive Toilet Bowl Liners are a mess-free way to dispose of liquid and solid waste. The sanitary liners are ideal for emergencies such as water and sewer issues and power outages due to accidents and natural disasters. What’s included: 24 toilet bowl liners and 24 super-absorbent pads.

  • Fits All Toilets & Buckets
    Larger than standard commode liners, our toilet bowl bags are sized to fit on any standard or elongated toilet. The commode bowl liner extends over the rim of the bowl for a secure, nonslip fit during use. 

  • Industry-Leading Super Absorbent Pads
    Each toilet bowl liner includes a super-absorbent pad that turns urine and liquid waste into a gel to effectively reduce splashes and spills. Holding up to 2L of liquids, the super absorbent pads also neutralize unpleasant odors. 

  • Easy To Use & Leak-Free
    Our toilet bowl liners feature strong drawstrings, allowing each liner to be easily removed from the toilet and securely tied closed to minimize odors, spills and splashes before disposing of the liner. 
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