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Toe Sleeves

Toe Sleeves

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Protect blisters, corns and calluses on your toes and fingers with the customizable toe tubes by ViveSole. Easily cut and trimmed for a perfect fit, each tube gently cushions and protects toes and fingers from irritation and friction to provide comfortable pain relief throughout the day. The low-profile toe sleeves are lined with a medical grade, latex-free gel that promotes healing by hydrating and softening damaged skin.


  • Protect Sore Toes And Fingers
    Protect blisters, corns and calluses with the VIVEsole toe tubes. Easily trimmed and stretchable, the tubes can be used to reduce pain and friction on any toe or finger. Perfect for protecting bunions and hammertoes, the medical grade gel lining hydrates and softens the skin to promote healing and relieve irritation. 

  • Easily Trimmed For Customized Fit
    Each soft, fabric-coated tube can be easily cut and trimmed with standard household scissors to any size for a customized fit for any toe or finger. The low-profile toe sleeves can also be worn with or without socks or hosiery and easily fit in any shoe style.

  • Latex-Free Fabric Coated Tubes
    Coated with a soft cotton fabric, the washable toe tubes are made with a latex free, medical grade gel lining that gently cushions and protects sensitive toes. The gel also creates a nonslip surface that will not slide off of the toe while in motion. 

  • Set Of Six Small Tubes
    Each of the six reusable toe tubes measures 0.59” in diameter and 5.9” in length. The gel lined toe tubes do have a small amount of stretch, making them easy to slip on smaller toe sizes. The set also includes a small pouch for safe, convenient storage.


  • What’s Included:

    • Six toe tubes

    • 60 day guarantee

  • Uses:

    • Protect and cushion blisters, hammer toe, curled toe, corns, calluses and other foot problems

    • Hydrate and soften the skin to promote healing and relieve irritation

  • Instructions:

    • Use scissors to cut a tube to the size of your toe

    • Stretch the tube over your desired toe

    • Washing Instructions:

      • Turn the tube inside out

      • Apply soap and cold water to a soft cloth

      • Rub gently

      • Air dry thoroughly before using again

  • Dimensions: 5.91” long

  • Materials:

    • Medical grade gel lining

    • Soft cotton


  • Stretchable and adjustable. They can be cut with scissors to any size .

  • Used as corn and callus cushion 

  • Can be used for hammer toes

  • Relieves pain from sore toes

  • Toe Tubes reusable

  • Can be worn with socks and/or shoes

  • Can be worn on fingers

  • Can be hand washed

  • Do not suggest sun exposure

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