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Stand Assist Walker

Stand Assist Walker

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Introducing our Stand Assist Walker, the perfect companion for caregivers and users alike. Featuring a footbar for added peace of mind, this ergonomic design offers a top bar strategically placed for optimal pulling assistance. Multi-use functionality allows it to double as a standard walker, ensuring versatility in every situation. Seamless movements are guaranteed with front wheels and back glides. This silver walker, crafted from lightweight aluminum, includes everything you need for reliable support. Folded dimensions of 24 x 4" and unfolded dimensions of 24 x 15" make it compact yet effective. Elevate care with our Stand Assist Walker.


  • Perfect for Caregivers
    The inclusion of the footbar in our Stand Assist Walker not only provides essential support for users but also offers caregivers peace of mind. This thoughtful addition enhances stability and facilitates a more secure lifting experience.

  • Ergonomic
    The strategic placement of the top bar in our Stand Assist Walker is not just about convenience; it's a carefully crafted ergonomic feature. This design ensures the perfect pulling area, allowing users to exert less effort and find greater ease in lifting themselves up, promoting a comfortable and user-friendly experience.

  • Multi-Use
    Beyond its primary function, our Stand Assist Walker goes above and beyond by doubling as a standard walker. This versatility means users can seamlessly transition between assisted support and independent mobility, adapting to different needs and situations with ease.

  • Wheels
    The Stand Assist Walker's front wheels combined with back glides are designed to offer more than just mobility—they create a seamless movement experience. Users can navigate various surfaces with confidence, and the glides ensure stability, making every step secure and smooth for enhanced maneuverability.


  • What’s Included: 
        • 1 walker
      • Color(s): silver
  • Product Dimensions: 
      • Folded: 24 x 4”
      • Unfolded: 24 x 15”
      • Height range of top bar: 45” - 38”
      • Height range of handles: 39” - 32”

    • Product Weight: 14lbs
    • Product Material(s): Aluminum
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