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Vive Health

Stackable Pill Organizer

Stackable Pill Organizer

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Safely and effectively manage prescriptions, vitamins and supplements for the entire week with the dual-sided, pill organizer. Featuring unique, push button lids, each large compartment is easy to open and close, securely snapping in place to prevent spills. Color-coded, the lids are transparent for easy identification and removable for rearranging the start of the week to fit your schedule. The morning and evening trays are also removable for convenient travel.


  • Simple Push Button Lids
    Designed with a simple push button for each compartment, the Vive rectangle pill organizer is easy to open and close. Facilitating greater independence, the easy-to-open weekly pill organizer is great for the elderly, seniors and those managing multiple medications, vitamins or supplements. 

  • Easy Medication Management
    Eliminating confusion and missed doses, the dual-sided weekly pill organizer features two removable trays: one for the morning and one for the evening. Each compartment is generously sized, measuring 1.25” by 1.125” by 0.75”, to hold a variety of prescription medications, supplements and vitamins. 

  • Color-Coded Lids
    Each tray features seven, color-coded lids that are clearly labeled with the day of the week and a morning or night icon. The lids are transparent for easy identification at a glance. Additionally, the lids are removable for customizing the start of the week to reflect personal schedules.

  • Removable Trays
    Constructed with a lightweight, BPA-free composite material, the dual-sided pill organizer includes two removable trays for easy travel. Measuring 2” by 9”, each removable tray easily fits in a purse, carry on bag or briefcase for the office, overnight trips and more. 


  • What's Included:

    • Weekly pill organizer

    • 60 Day Guarantee

  • Uses: For the weekly management of prescription medications, vitamins and supplements

  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 12.8 x 4.3 cm

  • Materials: ABS/ PS/ PP plastic

  • Color: Varies


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