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Stabilizing Elbow Brace

Stabilizing Elbow Brace

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Providing pain-relieving support for cubital tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, arthritis, instability, sprains and fractures, the Vive stabilizing elbow brace supports and immobilizes the elbow joint and forearm. Fitted with two removable aluminum splints, the neoprene brace stabilizes the elbow joints and provides soothing compression therapy to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation and promote natural healing. The reversible elbow brace is made with a soft, breathable blend that stays cool and dry and is perfect for wearing during the day or night. Sized to fit most adults, this elbow splint is easy to put on with an integrated arm sleeve and three adjustable fastener straps with easy pull tabs.  


  • Stabilizing Elbow Support
    Immobilizing the elbow, the Vive stabilizing elbow brace provides soothing compression and support for painful conditions such as cubital tunnel syndrome, golfer’s and tennis elbow, arthritis and fractures. The splint relieves pain, stiffness and swelling due to overuse, hyperextension or strain for comfortable support day and night.

  • Dual Splint Design
    Aligning and straightening the elbow joint, our brace utilizes two aluminum splints that are adjustable for optimal positioning of your arm. The dual splint brace provides complete immobilization of the elbow to promote natural healing following injury or surgery.

  • Reversible, Adjustable Fit
    Designed for use on the left or right elbow as needed, the reversible Vive stabilizing elbow brace is sized to comfortably fit most adults. The arm brace is secured by three strong fastener straps that are easily adjustable to fit arm circumferences up to 20”. The brace also features a soft, stretchable sleeve that makes putting on and adjusting the elbow brace quick and easy. 

  • Breathable Comfort Blend
    Perfect for nighttime use, the stabilizing elbow splint is made with a lightweight, breathable neoprene blend with a nonslip lining to prevent sliding. The elbow wrap also features a soft padding and a perforated lining that allows air to freely circulate, keeping the arm cool and dry for maximum comfort.


  • What’s Included: 1pc Stabilizing Elbow Brace

  • Color(s): Black

  • Size(s): single size

    • Universal left and right

  • Product Dimensions: 22.6mm x 12.5mm x 4mm

  • Product Weight: 0.43lbs

  • Material(s):

    • 35% CR neoprene20% Nylon

    • 25% Polyester

    • 15% Aluminum

    • 5% PP

  • Latex free: No

  • Care: Remove Splints. Hand Wash Cold. Hang dry.

  • Billable - yes for code L3762


  • Perforated neoprene material to ensure the braces breathability

  • 2 adjustable,removable aluminum splints

    • 7.75” length x 1.5” width x 1.64mm width 

  • Padded interior to protect arms from splints

  • Non-slip inside brace to ensure less slipping

  • 3 plastic d-rings

  • 3 strap design - all fasten in same direction

    • 20”circumference fit

    • 15” circumference fit

    • 16” circumference fit

  • Easy-pull hook and loop straps

  • Stretchable arm sleeve inside to keep arm in place when putting brace on

  • Intended for cubital tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow,  and other elbow instabilities and conditions

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