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Silicone Heel Cup

Silicone Heel Cup

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Providing all day comfort, the cushioning gel heel cups absorb the impact of each step and eliminate painful pressure points to relieve heel and foot pain. Perfect for any closed-heel dress, casual and athletic shoes, the set includes three pairs of premium gel heel inserts with self-adhesive backing for a nonslip fit throughout the day. Constructed with a soft, soothing gel, the heel cups are latex-free.


  • Supportive Heel Pain Relief
    Providing soothing support for the heel and ankle, the VIveSole gel heel cups effectively reduce foot pain caused by heel spurs, bone spurs tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Perfect for those on their feet all day, the heel cups elevate the heel to minimize fatigue in the feet, legs and back.

  • Includes Three Pairs
    This set includes three pairs of comfortable gel heel cups that can be worn in most shoe styles, including athletic shoes, dress shoes and boots. The self-adhesive base ensures the heel cups stay firmly in place throughout the day.

  • Shock Absorbing Gel
    Evenly distributing the pressure created with each step, the supportive gel inserts cradle and cushion the heels. Absorbing the shock of every impact, the gel inserts relieve painful pressure points and reduce tension and stress in the feet and ankles.

  • Latex-Free
    Contouring to the heel for greater support and comfort, each gel heel cup is constructed with a premium, latex-free gel. 


  • 1pr and 3pk pack options

  • Adhesive bottom to secure in shoe

  • Size Chart Below


Men’s - Blue

Womens - Pink



4.5 - 8.5


6 - 9.5

9 -13.5


  • Latex-free: yes

  • Use

    • Shock absorption

    • Reduce heel pain

    • Relief plantar Fasciitis 

    • Tendonitis

    • Heel spurs

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