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Silicone Arch Supports

Silicone Arch Supports

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Designed to flexibly fit most arch sizes, the nonslip silicone arch straps support the arch of the foot throughout the day to relieve pain and fatigue. Great for fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and overpronation, the support straps feature massaging gel pads to promote proper foot alignment and increased circulation for greater relief. Reusable and washable, the slim arch supports are made with a latex-free silicone and easily fit in most shoe styles.


  • Supportive Arch Cushion
    Perfect for sore arches, the ViveSole arch support straps provide gentle cushioning with adjustable compression to relieve foot pain and fatigue. Great for those on their feet all day, this includes one pair of supportive arch straps for soothing relief of flat feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and general discomfort. 

  • Massaging Gel Pads
    Dotted with multiple massaging knobs, the massaging gel pads stimulate circulation in the foot to alleviate pain and fatigue. The soothing gel arch straps also support flat, neutral and high arches to promote proper foot alignment. 

  • Slim Low Profile Design
    Easy to wear, the slim arch straps fit in any shoe style, including dress shoes, athletic shoes, sandals and boots. The low profile design can also be comfortably worn with or without socks and hosiery. 

  • Breathable Silicone Gel
    Securing with a strong fastener material, the arch support straps are adjustable to fit most arch sizes up to 9.5” in circumference. Made with a latex-free silicone gel, the reusable, flexible arch supports have multiple ventilation holes remain cool and dry. 


  • What’s Included:

    • ViveSole Silicone Arch Support Straps- One Pair

    • 60 day guarantee

  • Uses: Provides support and mild compression for the arch of the foot

  • Dimensions:

    • Strap length: 11”

    • Strap width: 3.25”

  • Materials:

    • Latex-free silicone gel

    • Strong fastener system

  • How to Wear:

    • Position the arch pad under the arch of the foot and secure with the fastener strap

    • May wear with or without socks or hosiery

  • Care Instructions:

    • Hand wash the arch supports in warm water with a mild detergent

    • Air dry completely before use

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