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Shoulder Recovery Kit

Shoulder Recovery Kit

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The Vive Shoulder Surgery Kit includes three great products for superior comfort and support during your recovery from a shoulder injury or shoulder surgery. With the Arctic Flex Cold Shoulder Brace, you can experience targeted compression and cold therapy to promote recovery and reduce pain. The Shoulder Pulley is great for working on your mobility, while the Bed Assist Foot Bar allows you to get out of bed without straining your healing shoulder. Promote natural healing from surgery or injury with this comprehensive recovery kit.  


  • 3-Piece Set For Independence And Recovery
    This shoulder recovery set includes three pieces designed to promote independence while recovering from surgery or injury. The Shoulder Compression Support improves circulation and provides soothing relief from shoulder stiffness and pain. The Shoulder Pulley allows you to work on your shoulder strength and mobility, for a faster and more successful recovery. The Bed Assist Pull Bar provides a stable leverage point that allows your shoulder to properly heal.  

  • Adjustable Compression And Temperature Therapy

Use the Vive Shoulder Compression Support to meet your needs with an easy-to-use hand pump and adjustable levels of compression. With Arctic Flex technology, you can experience soothing heat therapy or stimulating cold therapy as needed, for targeted relief from pain. 

  • Improve Shoulder Mobility And Strength
  • Increase your shoulder strength and flexibility with the Vive Shoulder Pulley. Great for rehabilitation, this device is easy to install and use, with indicators that you can use to track your gradual progression. Heal and recover with an at-home rehabilitation tool that is easy to store and transport. 

  • Get Out Of Bed With Ease
  • Allow your shoulder to properly heal and rest with a durable and dependable leverage point that allows your upper body to rest when getting out of bed. The Vive Bed Assist Pull Bar is easy to install, fitting any bed frame and allowing you to get out of bed with ease. 

  • Quality Guarantee
  • Purchase your Shoulder Surgery Kit with confidence with the Vive BLANK-day guarantee.

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