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Vive Health

Shoulder Ice Wrap

Shoulder Ice Wrap

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Providing pain-relieving support and therapeutic compression, the cold shoulder brace stabilizes the shoulder and supplies targeted hot or cold therapy to soothe sore, aching shoulders. The reversible shoulder brace features an Arctic Flex gel pack that remains flexible when frozen for optimal coverage. Fully adjustable, the slim neoprene brace includes two 6” extender straps for a universal fit is and machine washable for added convenience.


  • Soothing Shoulder Relief

Provides soothing cold or heat therapy + adjustable compression. relieves pain, stiffness, and swelling due to injuries, post-surgery soreness, arthritis, sprains & strains.

  • Flexible Hot Or Cold Pack

Uniquely shaped for optimal shoulder coverage, the soft Arctic Flex pack is filled with a nontoxic, gel that's flexible when frozen.

  • Exterior Compression Pad

Easily adjust the level of compression by moving the fastener tabs on the exterior compression pad for optimal relief.

  • Reversible Design

Wear over lightweight clothing or placed directly against the skin, the shoulder compression brace is reversible for comfortable use on the left or right shoulder.

  • Customizable Non-Slip Fit

Securing with two strong fastener straps, the shoulder brace also includes two extended straps to fit up to a 57” chest circumference and a 25” bicep circumference.

  • Washable Neoprene Blend

Lined with a soft, non-slip material, the shoulder support is constructed with a soft, latex-free neoprene blend that is machine washable for added convenience


  • What’s Included:

    • Vive Cold Shoulder Brace

    • Arctic Flex gel pack

    • One extender strap

    • One-year guarantee

  • Uses:

    • For relieving pain and swelling in the left or right shoulder.

    • Great for shoulder sprains and strains as well as post-surgery recovery

  • Dimensions: 

    • Length: 10.5”

    • Maximum chest circumference: 57”

    • Maximum bicep circumference: 25”

    • Extender strap length: 6”

    • Arctic Flex pack: 9 x 9.5 x 6.5”

  • Materials:

    • Latex-free Neoprene blend.

    • Non-toxic gel pack

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