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Vive Health

Sheepskin Walker Grips

Sheepskin Walker Grips

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Effectively reducing hand and wrist fatigue and soreness, the Vive sheepskin walker grips provide plush cushioning that evenly distributes pressure and eliminates irritation and friction. The plush walker handle covers also include removable foam inserts for customizable comfort. Easily attaching to any walker, the hand grips feature a nonslip lining and strong fastener material for a secure fit.


  • Minimizes Soreness And Fatigue

Featuring an ultra-soft faux sheepskin, the Vive sheepskin walker grips cushion the hands to relieve hand and wrist pain. The soft wool-like walker grip covers also minimize pressure and fatigue for greater comfort. 

  • Fits On Any Walker

Secured with a strong fastener material, the sheepskin walker grips are sized to easily fit any standard or bariatric walker. The walker grips feature a nonslip lining that ensures a secure installation that will not slip or slide for greater stability. 

  • Removable Foam Padding

Providing customizable cushioning, the sheepette walker grips include foam inserts for additional support and comfort. The foam cushions are removable for an easier grip for smaller hands or when less support is needed.

  • Soft And Breathable

Exceptionally soft, the washable Vive walker grips are made with breathable synthetic sheepskin that allows heat and moisture to quickly dissipate to keep the hands cool, dry, and comfortable. 


  • What’s Included: 

    • Two grip pads and two removable foam pads

    • 30-day guarantee

  • Color(s):

    • White (Yellow - Cream)

    • Black

    • Blue (288c)

    • Pink (2039u)

    • Gray (cool gray 8c)

  • Size: One size


  • Product Dimensions: 18cm X 12cm X 2.5cm

  • Product Weight: 0.21lbs

  • Material(s): 100% Faux Wool

  • Latex free: yes 


  • Provides a stable, non-slip surface for walker and mobility device hand grips.

  • Reduces hand and wrist fatigue and pain


  • Hand Wash in cold water with mild soap

  • Rinse and air dry

  • Do NOT machine wash or dry

  • Do NOT bleach

  • Non-slip on the bottom to keep secure while using the foam padding will be visibly out so customers don’t miss it

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