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Vive Health

Sheepskin Crutch Pads

Sheepskin Crutch Pads

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Reducing painful pressure, chafing and irritation, the Vive sheepskin crutch pads are hypoallergenic, exceptionally soft and lined with a resilient, contoured foam to cushion the underarm area. Easy to install, the soft crutch pad covers gently stretch to accommodate any standard adult or youth crutch and secure with a strong fastener strap. The machine washable set also includes two faux sheepskin hand grip covers with a nonslip lining for a secure, comfortable grip.


  • Exceptional Crutch Comfort
    Constructed with a high-density foam padding and soft, faux sheepskin exterior that provides exceptional comfort throughout the day. Allowing air to freely circulate, the machine washable crutch pads remain cool and dry and will not snag or stain clothing.

  • Eliminates Chafing And Pressure Points
    Latex-free, the padded sheepskin crutch covers eliminate chafing, and irritation while relieving the painful pressure placed on armpits and hands for greater comfort.  

  • Fits Any Crutch Size
    Easily attach the crutch pads to most standard adult and youth underarm crutches. Simply stretch the sheepskin cover over the rubber crutch pad and secure it with the strong fastener strap. The included handgrips wrap around the existing crutch grips and are attached with a strong hook and loop fastener for a secure, non-slip fit. 

  • Soft Hand Grips
    Included with the crutch pads, the sheepette hand grips prevent hand and wrist fatigue by gently cushioning the palms, reducing friction and evenly dispersing pressure. The hand grips feature a nonslip lining for a secure fit over the existing crutch grips. 


  • What’s Included:

    • 2pc underarm pads

    • 2pc hand grip pads

  • Color(s):

    • CSH1040BLK

    • CSH1040WHT

    • CSH1040GRY - (cool gray 8c)

    • CSH1040BLU (288c)

    • CSH1040PNK (2039u)

  • Size(s): one size

  • Product Dimensions:  Crutch pads- 8.75” length x 5.75” width x 3” thick

  • Product Weight: 

    • Crutch pads - 0.25lbs

    • Palm pads - 0.09lbs

  • Material(s):

    • Made from synthetic sheepskin (latex free)

    • Memory foam

  • Latex free: yes

  • Care: spot clean with damp cloth, air dry


  • Foam padded for comfort only on upper part

  • Velcro secure strap inside upper crutch pad

  • Elastic opening to fit over various crutch sizes

  • Anti-slip inner material on palm pads

  • Hypoallergenic

  • 25mm thick foam (upper section only)

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