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Robooter E40 Electric Wheelchair

Robooter E40 Electric Wheelchair

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Robooter E40 Folding Power Wheelchair Overview

Individuals with limited mobility who wish to maintain a high level of independence.

This wheelchair combines comfort with convenience. It has up to a 14-mile battery life. It also features two storage compartments; a backpack attached to the backrest and a net basket beneath the seat. A foam cushion provides optimal comfort during use.

The Robooter E40 Folding Wheelchair blends simplicity, efficiency, and style. As a lightweight wheelchair, it weighs only 59.52 pounds, yet its sturdy frame supports up to 330.69 pounds. A rechargeable lithium battery gives the chair up to a 14.29-mile driving range. The E40 Power Wheelchair can roll over obstacles as high as 1.57 Inches and gaps as wide as 3.93 Inches. It climbs hills with inclines of up to 9 degrees. Users navigate using the armrest controls or with their smartphone to operate the speed, direction, and a theft-deterrent voice alarm.

Riding the E40 is comfortable with the foam-cushioned seat and quick storage access to the net basket beneath it. An additional backpack-like compartment is also available on the backrest. A matte finish helps protect the metal from rusting or corroding for easy maintenance. Additionally, the chair manually folds for convenient transportation when not in use.

Key Features

14.29 Mile Driving Range

Battery Range

Fully charged, this wheelchair can drive up to 14.29 miles.

Folded Wheelchair


Fold and unfold the E40 Wheelchair manually by flipping a switch and moving the backrest forward or backward.

Matte Finish

Matte Coating

The metal frame has a matte finish to resist rust and corrosion.

Remote Control App

Smartphone Remote Control

The wheelchair can be remotely operated by a user-friendly app.

Product Information

What's Included 

  • Wheelchair
  • Backpack and Storage Basket 
  • Lithium Battery
  • Charger
  • User Manual
  • Towel
  • Hexagon Wrench
  • Open Wrench

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Attached Backpack Compartment and Net Basket For Storage Space
  • Voice Alarm Acts as a Theft Deterrent
  • Turns Off Automatically After 30 Minutes To Conserve Energy

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Robooter
  • Product Number(s): E40-Black, E40-White
  • Frame Color Options: Black, White
  • Seat Color: Black
  • Application: Motorized Wheelchair
  • Wheelchair Class: A
  • Waterproof Grade: IPX4
  • Warranty:
    • 1 Year Limited on Frame, Battery, and Electrical Components
    • Warranty Excludes: Electrical Corrosion and Wearable Components Such as Tires and Cushions

Product Details

Smartphone App

The Robooter E40 Power Wheelchair uses smart technology, allowing the user to control the wheelchair with their smartphone. Simply follow the instructions outlined in the product manual to download the application and connect to the wheelchair via Bluetooth. Once installed, this app offers the following features to make riding the wheelchair more user-friendly:

  • 5 Adjustable Gears: Users can choose between 5 settings to find the speed with which they are the most comfortable.
  • Directional Controls: With a simple tap, users can steer the wheelchair forward, back, left, and right.
  • Cruise Control: Consistent speed is just a swipe away.
  • Battery Life Information: In settings, the app reports the current wheelchair battery percentage.
  • Wheelchair Power Switch: Start up and shut down the wheelchair from a distance.
  • Voice Alarm Settings: Choose between 3 voice alarm volumes. Activate or deactivate the alarm and prompts.

Armrest Controls

In addition to the smartphone app, users will enjoy the following armrest controls:

  • Gear Shifts: This control adjusts the wheelchair’s speed.
  • Power Key: Starts up or shuts down the wheelchair.
  • FN Key: Switches the wheelchair between novice (when the rider is limited to the first and second gears) and general modes (when all gears are available).
  • SOS Button: This button triggers an alarm.
  • Horn: This standard control catches the attention of bystanders and advises them to move out of the way.
  • Control Handle: This handle makes changing directions simple and easy.
  • Display Screen: This control panel conveniently displays the battery life, speed, Bluetooth, gears, and cruise control.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I clean the wheelchair?
The manufacturer recommends wiping down the E40 Power wheelchair with a clean towel.

Why are there red letters on my display screen?
The wheelchair alerts the user of several errors. Each error has a “fault code” which is listed in the owner’s manual to facilitate troubleshooting. For more information, see page 35 of the user’s manual.

Can I use it without a smartphone?
Yes, the smartphone app is intended for remote control use only. The manufacturer does not recommend using a cell phone while driving the Robooter E40 Wheelchair. During use, the wheelchair can be controlled by buttons and a handle built into one of its armrests.

How long does the battery last?
Battery life is highly dependent on variables such as speed, terrain, and slope incline. The longest a battery can travel on a single charge is 14.29 miles.

Can I drive my wheelchair around outside?
Yes, the Robooter E40 Power wheelchair is designed for indoor and outdoor use. However, the manufacturer advises against operating the wheelchair in extreme temperatures or wet weather conditions.

Technical Specifications

  • Unfolded Length: 39.5 Inches (1005 Millimeters)
  • Unfolded Width: 25.19 Inches (640 Millimeters)
  • Unfolded Height: 36.61 Inches (930 Millimeters)
  • Seat Width: 18.11 Inches (46 Centimeters)
  • Footrest to Seat: 15.74 Inches (400 Millimeters)
  • Armrest to Seat: 9.05 Inches (230 Millimeters)
  • Folded Length: 27.55 Inches (700 Millimeters)
  • Folded Width: 25.19 Inches (640 Millimeters)
  • Folded Height: 17.32 Inches (440 Millimeters)
  • Overall Weight: 59.52 Pounds (27 Kilograms)
  • Overall Weight Capacity: 330.69 Pounds (150 Kilograms)
  • Storage Basket Weight Capacity: Less than 11.02 Pounds (5 Kilograms)
  • Folding: Manually
  • Battery: Ternary Lithium
  • Battery Capacity: 20Ah
  • Battery Range: 14.29 Miles (23 Kilometers)
  • Battery Weight: 7.49 Pounds (3.4 Kilograms)
  • Compatible Tires: Pneumatic Rubber, PU
  • Speed: 0-4.97 Miles/Hour (0-8 Kilometers/Hour)
  • Maximum Incline: 9 Degrees
  • Obstacle Height: 1.57 Inches (4 Centimeters)
  • Ditch Width: 3.93 Inches (10 Centimeters)
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