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Journey Zoomer® Folding Power Chair Left- or Right-handed Control

Journey Zoomer® Folding Power Chair Left- or Right-handed Control

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The Journey Zoomer  Wheelchair is an innovative folding power chair that has been meticulously crafted to address the very challenges that hinder your movement. Tired of feeling restricted? The Zoomer's easy one-handed joystick control empowers you to navigate your surroundings effortlessly, eliminating the frustration of cumbersome controls.

Embrace the outdoors and conquer indoor spaces without hesitation. The Zoomer's extreme portability ensures you're never confined again. Rediscover the joy of park strolls, explore shopping aisles, and experience the world on your terms - all made possible by a device that refuses to let anything slow you down.

Find Freedom with the Zoomer Chair by Journey" Leave mobility worries behind and explore life without limits. Choose Zoomer for boundless adventures!


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Simple Disassembly

With the quick-release frame design, the Zoomer can be easily disassembled into two separate parts (seat frame and rear wheel section). Rear wheel section plus battery weighs 30.5lb.

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Folds and unfolds in a second

Folding and unfolding your Zoomer is easy! Just pull on the release cable and it folds down or up, with no additional assembly required.

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Removable, long-lasting battery

The battery takes less than four hours to fully charge and will power your Zoomer for up to 8 miles. The removable battery makes it airline-friendly too, so your Zoomer is a perfect travel companion.

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Simple one-handed joystick steering

You have full 360° control at your fingertips.

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Easy to transport

The Zoomer folds down to only 12.5". Just pull the release cable, and it will fold up and fit into any backseat or trunk.

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Grass, dirt, small gravel—the Zoomer can handle it all. Indoors or outdoors, wherever you want to go, it will get you there.

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