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Vive Health

Oval Balance Pad Blue 2-Pack

Oval Balance Pad Blue 2-Pack

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Improving balance, coordination and strength, the Viv
Oval Balance Pad provides a moderately unstable surface to challenge your bod
A great option for athletes and dancers, the latex-free foam pad is useful for
stability training, improving coordination and flexibility. The exercise pad is
also useful for physical therapy and rehabilitation.  Exceptionally
lightweight and portable, the balance cushion is made with a firm,
water-resistant foam that is textured on both sides for safe use on any surface
and with any footwear. The firm foam balance pad safely supports 300 pounds, is
easy to clean and is resilient for daily use. 










·        Develop Stability, Balance and Strength: Perfect for balance training, the Vive oval balance pad provides a safe, destabilizing surface for improving stability, balance and mobility while increasing core strength. This oval pad also helps to increase foot and ankle stability while improving overall coordination.




·        Multipurpose Balance Cushion: Easily integrating with popular workouts, the balance pad is ideal for yoga, dance, martial arts and athletic conditioning. The balance cushion is also helpful during physical therapy and rehabilitation following a surgery or injury to improve stability and strength in the joints. 




·        Portable Nonslip Design: Easy to carry to the studio or gym, the oval stability trainer is perfectly sized and lightweight at only 5.76 ounces. The foam balance pad also features a textured surface to provide greater traction when barefoot or wearing athletic or dance shoes and a textured base for safe use on any floor surface.

·        Durable Foam Material: Made with a firm TPE foam, the exercise balance pad is resilient to retain its shape workout after workout for long-term use. The flexible foam pad safely supports up to 300 pounds. Water-resistant, the foam repels sweat and can be wiped down with a damp cloth and mild detergent before drying with a lint-free cloth.


 What’s Included: 1 or 2 oval balance pad(s)



·        Color(s):





o   Blue: 7688C



o   Black



·        Size(s): One Size



·        Product Dimensions: 15x9x2 inches, 38x24x5cm 



·        Product Weight: .36 lbs, .165kg



·        Material(s): TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer)



·        Latex free: No



·        Care: Clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent before drying with a lint-free cloth.



·        Electrical specifications: N/A




Packaging Dimensions: 1pk: 40*23.5*5.5cm (15.75*9.25*2.56in)



                                          2pk: 40*23.5*10.8cm (15.75*9.25*4.25in)



Packaging Weight: 1pk: 215g (0.47lbs)




                                  2pk:410g (0.90lbs)



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