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Vive Health

Memory Foam Knee Walker Pad

Memory Foam Knee Walker Pad

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Providing exceptional comfort, the Vive Mobility knee walker pad cover is constructed with a soft memory foam that evenly distributes pressure across the knee pad to reduce fatigue and alleviate pain in the knee, leg and hip. The breathable cover also reduces friction and irritation for comfortable everyday use. Easy to install, the Vive Mobility memory foam knee pad cover uses an elastic base and two adjustable straps to create a secure, universal fit on most knee walkers.


  • Soft Memory Foam Padding
    Soft memory foam cushions the knee to effectively reduce fatigue and provide superior comfort. The comfortable foam padding retains its shape through extensive use for long lasting comfort.

  • Reduces Pressure On Injured Leg
    Memory foam evenly distributes pressure on knee and lower leg across the knee walker pad for a comfortable experience throughout the day. Evenly distributing the pressure created from kneeling on the knee pad greatly reduces fatigue in the hip, knee and leg.

  • Relieves Pain For All Day Comfort
    Soft padding cushions the knee and lower leg when  in motion to relieve pain. Reduces friction from normal movements and prevents skin irritation for comfortable everyday use. 

  • Easily Attaches To Walker
    The walker pad cover features an elastic base, two adjustable fastener straps and a nonslip lining to create a secure, non-slip fit on most knee scooter platforms. The protective cover also effectively reduces everyday wear and tear on knee walker pads.


  • What’s Included:

    • 1x Memory foam knee walker pad cover

    • 1x 60 Day Guarantee

  • Dimensions:

    • Length: 14”

    • Width: 7”

    • Height: 4”

  • Materials:

    • Nylon/spandex blend

    • Polyester/spandex blend

    • PU leather

    • Memory foam

  • Color: Black

  • Care Instructions:

    • Wipe with damp cloth

    • Air dry

    • Do not machine wash

  • Uses: For providing additional comfort and for reducing wear and tear on knee walker pads.


  • Comfortable memory foam support

  • Reduces pressure on injured leg

  • Relieves pain, friction and fatigue in leg and hip 

  • Retains shape for all-day support

  • Breathable, nonslip cover

  • Easily attaches to most knee walker platforms

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