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Lotion Applicator Dark 3 pads

Lotion Applicator Dark 3 pads

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Easily apply moisturizers, creams, ointments and gel to hard to reach areas with the Vive lotion applicator. The dense foam applicator pads are nonabsorbing but textured to hold lotions in place without dripping or sliding. Measuring over 17 inches long, the curved handle is made with a durable lotus wood with a clear protective finish.


  • Easily Self Apply Lotions, Creams And Gels

Evenly apply lotions, creams, ointments, gels, moisturizers and sunscreens with the Vive lotion applicator. Eliminating the need to bend and twist to apply moisturizers to hard to reach areas, the lotion applicator handle is over 17” in length, with a 3.5” applicator pad for easy self applications.

  • Three Textured, Replaceable Applicators

Each applicator pad is textured to hold lotions, creams, ointments and gels without dripping or sliding off. The applicator pads are constructed with a dense foam that will not absorb the lotion, but allow it to be evenly distributed on the targeted area. Conveniently replaceable, the lotion applicator comes with three applicator pads. 

  • Nonslip Extended Reach Handle

The curved, 17-inch handle is made of a durable lotus wood that will not split or crack. A nonslip textured rubber grip provides a comfortable and secure grip. Convenient for hanging storage, the handle’s cord loop is also large enough to slide on your wrist to prevent dropping while applying creams or lotions.

  • Durable  Antibacterial Finish

Coated with a clear waterproof layer, the durable lotus wood handle is also resistant to mold and mildew.



  • What’s Included:
        • Applicator + 3pads
        • Lotion applicator wooden handle
        • 4 applicator pads total 
        • Fabric cover for lotion pad, storage
        • Applicator (single no extra pads)
  • Color(s): white pads and light brown wood. The grip is teal 319c
  • Material(s): Silicone rubber grip / wood
  • Latex free: yes
  • New grip: made of soft silicone
      • Antibacterial
      • Mold resistant
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