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Vive Health

Little Toe Sleeves

Little Toe Sleeves

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Making every shoe more comfortable, our ViveSole Little Toe Sleeves cushion and protect sore toes, ingrown nails, and blisters. Each small toe protector is made with soft, stretchy silicone that is washable for hygienic reuse on any toe, including the pinky toe. The slim design works well in any shoe style, reducing friction while walking, jogging, or dancing. This set includes 24 reusable toe sleeves.


  • Support And Protect Your Toes: Sized to comfortably fit on the toes, including the pinky toe, the ViveSole Little Toe Sleeves protect and support sore toes in and out of your shoes. Each small toe sleeve cushions sore, irritated toes, relieving painful pressure on blisters, calluses, abrasions, and nail issues such as missing nails.

  • All Day Cushioning: Preventing painful friction, our gel toe sleeves are slim to comfortably wear with socks and hosiery and in any shoe style. The cushioning gel sleeves are perfect for protecting your toes while running, hiking, dancing, working, and just on your feet. 

  • Soothing Gel Sleeves: Our little toe sleeves are made with durable silicone material that is soft and flexible for maximum comfort. The gel toe cushions are also reusable and easy to clean for long-term wearability.

  • 24-Piece Set: Each set includes 24 ViveSole little toe sleeves that are stretchy to comfortably fit on most toes. 


What's included

  • ViveSole Little Toe Sleeves - Set of 24

Product specifications: 

  • Color(s): Clear

  • Size(s): One Size 

  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 18mm 

  • Product Weight: 0.0028lbs

  • Product Material(s): Silicone 

  • Latex free: No

  • Care: Hand-wash with mild soap in cool water. Air dry. 

  • Reusable

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