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Leg Rest Pillow

Leg Rest Pillow

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Easily and comfortably elevate your legs with a leg rest pillow. Relieving discomfort and fatigue, the leg wedge provides 8.25” of elevation with 45 degrees of incline for comfortable support of the entire leg. Wide enough to accommodate both legs, the leg rest pillow is constructed with a resilient foam base and gel-infused memory foam layer for comfortable long-term use. The leg support wedge is protected by a soft, breathable cover that is machine washable and features a textured, nonslip base for added stability on any surface.


  • Comfortable Leg Support
    Generously wide, the Xtra-Comfort leg rest pillow elevates both legs for comfortable support while resting. The elevating leg wedge pillow may relieve discomfort and pressure in the knees, hips and lower back. Elevation pillows also promote increased circulation to relieve swollen, aching and tired feet. 

  • Optimal Incline And Elevation
    Providing 45 degrees of incline, the elevating leg rest supports the entire leg for optimal rest, easing fatigue and soreness. The leg rest wedge is 8” in height, elevating the knees, ankles and feet for greater comfort. 

  • Dual Foam Construction
    Resilient for long-term use, the leg rest wedge is constructed with two layers of foam for superior support. The base layer is a firm, high-density foam that will not lose its shape. Wrapping around the base, the top layer is made with a cushioning, gel-infused memory foam for greater comfort.  

  • Removable Nonslip Cover
    Soft and breathable, the leg rest pillow includes a removable, zippered cover that is machine washable for added convenience. The knit cover also includes a nonslip, textured base to ensure the leg wedge does not slip or slide. 


  • What’s Included:

    • Xtra-Comfort leg rest pillow

    • Removable knit cover

    • 60 day guarantee

  • Color(s): 2 color options

    • White (we have the final cover for this)

    • Light Brown (Getting Pantone from vendor and final cover)

  • Size(s): One Size

  • Product Dimensions:

    • Length: 16.5”

    • Width: 23.25”

    • Height: 8.25” (The top soft foam layer is 0.79inches (2cm) )

  • Product Weight: 3.24lbs

  • Material(s): 

    • 100% Polyester Knitted Fabric Cover

    • Silicone dots

    • Base Layer: High Density Foam 26D

    • Top Layer: Memory Foam 30D

  • Care Instructions:

    • Remove zippered cover

    • Machine wash in cool water with a mild detergent

    • Tumble dry low

    • Do not bleach

    • Foam Core: spot clean only

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