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Vive Health

Leg Cast Cover

Leg Cast Cover

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Providing complete protection against water, sand, dirt and grime, the reusable Vive leg cast protector is constructed with a lightweight, durable composite material that is leak proof and tear-resistant. The leg cast cover easily glides over most adult casts and secures with a watertight seal. Great for showering, bathing, therapeutic care and many outdoor activities.


  • Safely And Conveniently Shower Or Bathe With A Cast
    Easily slide on the Vive leg cast protector and secure the watertight seal before bathing or showering to prevent water from damaging your cast and irritating your skin. The composite material is lightly textured, so you can safely stand in the shower or on any surface. The cast protector is generously sized to accommodate most adult leg sizes with plaster or synthetic casts. 

  • Patent Pending Lightweight Design
    Patent pending design is constructed with a composite material that is lightweight and exceptionally durable. Each seam is reinforced for a tear and leak resistant cast protector. 

  • Reusable Protection For Casts, Bandages And Wounds
    Use again and again to protect leg casts, bandages, prosthesis, wounds, scrapes, rashes and burns. The durable cast cover repels water, dirt and grime to ensure your leg stays dry and clean. Great for therapeutic care, bathing, showering and many outdoor activities. 

  • Complete Watertight Seal
    Creating a watertight seal, the leg cast protector uses an elastic rubber seal with easy to use pull-tabs. The protector seals completely to block water, sand, dirt and grime from damaging the cast and irritating the skin. After each use, the seal regains its shape for extensive reusability. 


  • What’s Included:

    • 1x Leg cast protector

  • Size: One size fits most

  • Materials:

    • Polyvinyl bag

    • Polypropylene

    • Rubber

  • Dimensions:

    • Length: 31.1”

    • Width: 14.2”

    • Pull tabs: 5.5” by 1.6”

  • How To Wear:

    • Expand diaphragm 

    • Carefully insert the leg, stretching the diaphragm to easily glide over the cast

    • Secure the seal with the pull tabs

    • To remove, expand diaphragm and slide the leg out

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