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Inflatable Bed Wedge Pillow

Inflatable Bed Wedge Pillow

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Providing a portable support solution, the Xtra-Comfort inflatable bed wedge pillow set is versatile and easily packs down in a small carry pouch for traveling. Support the head, neck, shoulders and back as well as the arms and leg with the multi-positionable pillow set that includes a large bed wedge, a small bed wedge and a lumbar roll. The inflatable bed wedge cushions are easy to inflate with the included inflation bag and each cushion features a push-button deflation valve for customizing the level of firmness and quickly deflating each piece. Easy to clean, the bed wedge pillow set includes soft pillow covers that are removable and machine washable.


  • Customizable Support Anywhere
    Perfect for at-home use and travel, the Xtra-Comfort inflatable bed wedge pillow provides customizable support while sitting or sleeping to reduce fatigue, tension and discomfort. The bed wedge set includes a large bed wedge, a small bed wedge and a lumbar roll for cushioning and supporting your body. The set also includes an inflation bag and patch kit. 

  • Quick and Easy to Inflate
    Our travel wedge pillow set is easy to inflate with the included inflation bag, eliminating the need for bulky air pumps. A push button deflation valve allows you to easily adjust the firmness of the wedge pillow and quickly deflate the pillow for easy storage and travel. 

  • Versatile Positioning for Maximum Comfort
    Use our customizable bed wedge pillow set to support your head and neck, shoulders, back, knees and feet. The large and small bed wedge pillows and lumbar roll can be stacked together to create a high or medium incline or used to support the arms or ankles and feet. 

  • Exceptionally Soft Pillow Covers
    Each pillow includes a removable pillow cover. These zippered pillow covers are soft to the touch for soothing comfort and machine washable for easy cleaning



  • What’s Included: 

    • Inflation Bag

    • 3 Pillow Cases

    • 3 Inflatable Pillows

  • Color(s): Pantone dark gray - 430u

  • Product Dimensions:

    • Bed Wedge Pillow: 590 x 610 x 150mm (23.2” x 24.01” x 5.9”)

    • Small Bed Wedge Pillow: 550 x 320 x 180mm (21.65” x 12.59” x 7.08”)

    • Lumbar Pillow: 610 x 200 x 120mm (24.01” x 7.87” x 4.72”)

    • Inflation bag: 680 x 360mm (26.77” x 14.17”)

  • Product Weight: 2.8lbs (1.27kgs)

  • Product Material(s):

    • Pillow cover(100% polyester)

    • Pillow(PVC Flocking)

  • Latex free: Yes

  • Care:

    • Pillow Case- Machine wash with cold water and mild detergent, tumble dry on low.

    • Inflatable Pillow- Spot clean with damp rag and alcohol, and dry well before use.


  • Zippered Cover (machine washable)

  • Push button deflation valve

  • Inflation Bag 680 x 360mm (26.77” x 14.17”)

  • Average pumps to fully inflate: Bed Wedge 6-8 pumps, Small Bed Wedge 5-7, Lumbar Pillow 3-5

  • Positions (we are adding an insert specifically for these positions)

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