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Hydrocolloid Bordered Dressing (Sterile)

Hydrocolloid Bordered Dressing (Sterile)

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Seal and protect wounds with a Vive Care hydrocolloid bordered dressing. Designed to provide a moist environment for optimal healing of the skin, the flexible pads are perfect for wounds, blisters, boils, pressure sores and ulcers. The latex-free hydrocolloid dressings can be cut to size and can be worn for 3-7 days before needing to be changed.  Easy to apply and remove without damaging the surrounding skin, the flexible bandages will not scratch, irritate or stick to the wound site for greater comfort. 


  • Protect Wounds, Ulcers and Bedsores
    Providing a moist environment to promote natural healing, the Vive Care hydrocolloid bordered dressings are ideal for covering and protecting non-infected wounds, burns, cracked skin, ulcers and pressure sores. The sterile-dressing pads are self adhesive and easy to apply and remove. 

  • Absorbent and Non-Irritating
    Our hydrocolloid dressings are and mild exudate absorbent for wound stages II, III and IV ting cuts, blisters and boils. The latex-free materials ensure the dressing is never scratchy or irritating and never sticks to your wound like traditional gauze. 

  • Thin and Flexible
    Each bandage is thin and flexible, conforming to the area surrounding the wound for optimal coverage. The wound dressing patches can be trimmed to fit difficult to dress areas such as the elbow, knee and heel.

  • Versatile Sterile Patches
    Includes 10 hydrocolloid bordered dressing pads that measure 4” by 4” to cover wounds and sores. Each bandage can be worn for 3-7 days, protecting wounds from impurities and promoting healing. 

For the 6x6 5-pack

  • Versatile Sterile Patches
    Includes 5 large hydrocolloid bordered dressings that measure 6” by 6” to cover wounds and sores. Each bandage can be worn for 3-7 days, protecting wounds from impurities and promoting healing.


  • What’s Included: 

    • 10pk Hydrocolloid Dressing Bordered (4”x4”)

    •  5pk Hydrocolloid Dressing Bordered (6”x6”)

  • Color(s): Tan

  • Size(s):

    • 4”x4” (pad: 3.1”x 3.1”)

    • 6”x6” (pad: 4.9”x4.9”)

  • Product Weight:

    • 4”x4”: 12g/pc

    • 6”x6”: 36g/pc

  • Product thickness:

    • 4”x4”: border: 0.5mm±0.05; pad: 1.55mm±0.05

    • 6"x6": border: 0.5mm±0.05; Pad: 1.55mm±0.05

  • Material(s):

    • PU film

    • Hydrocolloid glue

  • Shelf life: 3 years

  • Latex free: Yes


  • Sterile

  • Individually wrapped

  • Thin  

  • Can be cut in the preferred shape

  • Waterproof

  • Ideal for light exudates 

  • Flexible 

  • Do not irritate, scratch or stick to the wound/ infected area

  • Can be worn for several days (3-7days)

  • Can be used on different types of wounds- pressure ulcer, burns, sores and even boils.

  • Instructions:

    • Clean the injured area. Dry the peri-wound skin before application. 

    • Remove the release film. Place the adhesive side around the wound.

    • Gently press to secure the dressing onto the skin.

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