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Heel Cups

Heel Cups

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Providing exceptional comfort, the supportive heel cups cushion each step with a unique, double waffle base to relieve heel and foot pain and reduce fatigue. Shock absorbing, the heel cups are ideal for walking and running as well as for those who stand for long periods of time. Made with a flexible, latex-free material, they form to the shape of the heel for comfortable support in dress, casual and athletic shoes. Available in three sizes, the cushioning heel cups are trimmable for a customizable fit and easy to move from shoe to shoe as needed.


  • Supportive Heel Cushioning
    Effectively relieving heel pain, the ViveSole heel cups cushion and support the heel, promoting proper foot positioning for alleviating foot pain and fatigue. Great for athletes and those on their feet all day, the heel cups relieve pain due to heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, Sever’s disease and more. 

  • Double Waffle Design
    Providing structured cushioning, the ViveSole heel cups feature a double waffle base that is shock-absorbing, evenly distributing the pressure created with each step. The cushioning design also reduces foot strain while providing additional support for ankle muscles to further alleviate fatigue.

  • Fits In Any Shoe
    Easily trimmable for a customized fit, the heel cups are sized to rest on top of the existing insole in any shoe with a closed heel. Comfortably worn with or without socks, the flexible design can be worn in most shoe styles, including athletic shoes, dress shoes and boots.

  • Easy To Clean
    Constructed with latex-free composite material, the heel cushions are flexible for greater durability. The unisex heel cups are easily removable and also washable for odor-free, out-of the box freshness.


  • What’s Included:

    • 1 pair of heavy duty heel cups in either of the 3 available sizes

      • Small

      • Medium

      • Large

  • Color(s): Teal (319-c)

  • Size(s):

    • Small 

      • Men's: 4-6.5 

      • Women's: 6-8.5 

    • Medium

      • Men's: 7-9.5

      • Women's: 9-11.5

    • Large 

      • Men's: 10-14

      • Women's: 12-14.5

  • Product Weight: 

    • Small: 0.086 lbs

    • Medium: 0.094 lbs

    • Large: 0.14 lbs

  • Use:

    • Heel support

    • Shock absorption

    • Can be used for walking, long standing hours, running etc

    • Helps relieve shin splints

  • Material(s): TPR (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

    • Material is flexible and durable 

    • TPR is latex free

  • Care: Hand wash with warm water and mild soap, dry immediately


  • Fits inside shoes over existing insoles

  • Fits on either left or right shoe, no specific shoe it needs to fit on

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