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Heavy Duty Walker Ski Glides 2 Pack

Heavy Duty Walker Ski Glides 2 Pack

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Safely maneuver over any surface with the Vive Heavy Duty Walker Ski Glides. Compatible with most walkers, the curved glides will provide you additional stability when navigating rough or uneven surfaces and reduce noise. Our heavy-duty ski glides are made with a strong composite and are exceptionally durable for long-term use indoors and out. 


  • Better For Walkers Than Tennis Balls
    A better option for your walker than tennis balls, our Vive Heavy Duty Walker Ski Glides allow your walker to glide more smoothly and prevent you from lifting your walker over bumps (don’t aggravate hand pain). They last longer and they are more discreet than neon-colored tennis balls.

  • Make Your Walker Smoother
    Our curved ski glides easily navigate over carpet, tile, pavement, or concrete without dragging your walker or using unsightly tennis balls. 

  • Fast Installation
    Universally designed, our Vive Walker Ski Glides are easily attached to most walker styles. The curved ski glides slide into place and are easily adjusted with a Phillips screwdriver to fit securely in any walker's leg.

  • High-Quality & Long-Lasting
    Constructed with strong composite material, the thick walker ski glides are durable for extensive use. The smooth glides reduce noise and will not scratch hard surfaces or snag carpets or rugs.


  • What’s Included: 2 ski glides units

  • Color(s):white

  • Size(s): Universal

  • Product Dimensions: 74,5 mm x 36,3mm x 57,5mm

  • Product Weight: 58 grams

  • Product Material(s): POM

  • Latex free: yes

  • Care: wipeout


  • The curved ski glides securely slide into place, with a post diameter between 1" - 1 1/8".

  • The product needs a screwdriver to be installed.

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