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Vive Health

Hand & Wrist Immobilizer

Hand & Wrist Immobilizer

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Stabilizing and supporting the hand and wrist following an injury or stroke, the Vive hand and wrist immobilizer securely holds the palm, fingers, thumb and wrist in a resting position. The immobilizing brace is soft and breathable, effectively relieving pain and inflammation while promoting recovery. Ideal for use both day and night, the stroke splint features an ergonomic rigid splint and four adjustable fastener straps for a secure, yet comfortable fit.


  • Stabilizing Hand And Wrist Support
    Ideal for day and nighttime support, the Vive hand and wrist immobilizer holds the affected arm in neutral, resting position to promote healing and pain relief. The brace is softly padded and utilizes a rigid splint to support and stabilize the wrist and hand to relieve pain and inflammation due to injury, tendonitis and arthritis. Also great for supporting proper hand and wrist positioning following a stroke or traumatic injury. 


  • Ergonomic Splint
    Constructed with a rigid composite material, the immobilizing splint is ergonomically shaped for optimal support and comfort. The shaped splint supports a resting hand position to reduce flexion contractures and retain strength. 

  • Comfortably Padded
    Cushioning the arm, wrist and palm, the stroke hand splint is lined with a soft foam padding for greater comfort throughout the day and night. The brace cover is made with a soft, breathable material that remains cool and dry. The brace cover is also removable and machine washable. 

  • Secure, Nonslip Fit
    Easily adjust the three strong fastener straps to provide a comfortable, yet secure fit. The hand and wrist immobilizer brace includes an adjustable thumb loop to separate the thumb in a neutral position. 


  • What’s Included:

    • Vive Hand and Wrist Immobilizer

    • 60 day guarantee

  • Color(s): gray

  • Size(s):  XS, S, M, L, XL

Sizing of the inner plastic mould, yes apparently the L and XL have the same inner shell just different outer sizing when the cover is on

Size chart


Length (in)

Palm Width
















Measure total length from tip of middle finger to 4" past the wrist. Measure the widest part of the palm while flat.

  • Product Weight: 0.4 lbs

  • Material(s):

    • Composite splint

    • Lycra/cotton blend

    • Latex-free foam

    • Fastener material

  • Latex-free: yes

  • Care:

    • Remove the rigid splint before cleaning

    • Machine wash the hand and wrist immobilizer cover in cold water with like colors

    • Allow to air dry completely before inserting the rigid splint


  • Supports and immobilizes the wrist / hand

  • Inner rigid plastic splint (not bendable)

    • Inner splint thickness is about 3.1mm

  • Hook and loop straps to keep the support properly secured to the hand; 3 large straps and a think thumb strap

  • Left and right separate sizes, not unviersal

  • Inner foam padding under the cover to protect against the rigid plastic splint

  • Breathable lycra fabric on the inside provides comfort during use

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