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Gel Metatarsal Sleeves

Gel Metatarsal Sleeves

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If you want to feel relief from painful pressure and soreness, and you have aching feet,  the ViveSole Gel Metatarsal Sleeves is what you need. Our metatarsal sleeves are made with a soft, breathable material that stretches to provide a comfortable, non slip fit. A supportive gel pad covers the entire forefoot area to evenly distribute weight and absorb the impact of every step to reduce stress and fatigue. Our metatarsal pads can be worn in any shoe style, including heels and are washable. 


  • Alleviate Everyday Foot Pain
  • Providing comfortable cushioning under the ball of the foot, our ViveSole Gel Metatarsal Sleeves relieve soreness and fatigue while reducing the friction caused by calluses, bunions and corns. The metatarsal pads also redistribute weight to reduce pressure on the joints, making them ideal for those on their feet all day. This set includes two pairs of washable gel metatarsal sleeves.

  • Soothing Support
  • Form-fitting, our metatarsal pad sleeves provide mild compression support for the forefoot to relieve Morton’s neuroma, sesamoiditis, metatarsalgia and occasional foot pain.

  • Soft Gel Padding
  • Absorbing the impact of every step, each metatarsal sleeve features a soft gel foot pad that relieves painful pressure on the ball of the foot. The resilient gel pads are suitable for standing, walking, running and other on-your-feet activities. 

  • Wear With Any Shoe Style
  • Made with a stretchy, breathable material, our latex-free metatarsal gel sleeves have a slim, low profile for wearing with your favorite shoes. The foot gel cushion sleeves work with running shoes, casual and dress shoes, heels, sandals and boots.


    • What’s Included: 2prs of metatarsal sleeves (4pcs total)

    • Color: Beige

    • Product Dimensions:

    Size Chart

    Based on US Men's and Women’s Shoe Size





    6 - 8

    4 - 7.5


    8.5 - 10

    8 - 10


    10.5 - 13

    10.5 +

    • Material(s):

      • Plastic

      • Fabric

      • SEBS (Styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene)

      • Gel

      • Silicone

      • Foam/polyfoam

      • Felt

    • Latex free: Yes

    • Care: Hand Wash with Cold Water, Air Dry


    • Non-slip lining inside

    • 72*50mm circle gel padding

    • 2mm gel thickness

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