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Gauze Pads (Sterile)

Gauze Pads (Sterile)

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These pads, made of gauze, are used to absorb b blood and other fluids as well as clean wounds. Ideal for cuts, ulcers, applying ointments, or prepping needles.


Gauze Pads

  • Superior Wound Protection
  • 100% non-woven material is latex-free, ultra-soft, and gentle on delicate skinnonwoven

  • Designed For Comfort
  • Non-stick gauze helps avoid pain and reinjury when removing bandages.

  • Multiple Sizes
  • Includes two sizes to protect a variety of incisions and wounds.

  • Durable & Absorbent 
  • Crafted to stay secure, absorb excess fluids, and promote faster healing. 

    Gauze Rolls

  • Quality Material
  • Latex-free and made with 100% cotton for breathable wound care.

  • Multiple Sizes
  • Includes two roll sizes for treating a variety of incisions, cuts, or scratches.

  • Assists With Healing 
  • Each gauze roll is individually wrapped for sterile and clean protection with every use.

  • All-Day Comfort
  • Soft material provides maximum absorption and is stretchy and flexible enough to be used under your favorite footwear.  


    • What’s Included: 50 pouches sterile gauze pads (2pads/pouch, total 100pcs)


      • Color(s): White
  • Size(s):
        • 3”x3”
        • 4”x4”
      • Thickness: 0.79mm (each size)   
  • Product Weight:  
        • 3”x3”: 1.7g/2pc (pouch not included)
        • 4”x4”: 3.1g/2pc (pouch not included)
      • Material(s): 100% non woven
      • 4ply
  • Latex Free: Yes
    • Warranty: 3 years
    • Sterile 
    • Individually wrapped 
    • Instructions (Link for reference)
      • Use a sterile gauze with light pressure to decrease excess bleeding. Clean and dry the wounded area. 
      • Apply medicinal ointments as needed and absorb excess fluids by covering the entire area with a VIVE CARE Gauze Pad. 
      • Use a VIVE CARE Gauze Roll, cohesive bandage, or surgical tape to help secure the pad and shield the wound from contaminants.
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