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Vive Health

Fabric Gel Heel Protectors

Fabric Gel Heel Protectors

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For those who suffer from dry, painful, or aching heels, the Vive Fabric Gel Heel protectors provide targeted relief and support. With a dual-sided design, you can choose from a soft fabric side or a cooling gel side, for customized relief from pain. Each heel protector is shock-absorbing, for greater comfort while walking, running, hiking, or other daily activities. The gel is infused with mineral oil, to help soothe dry and cracked heels. 


  • Customizable Comfort
  • The dual-sided Vive fabric gel heel protectors let you choose between a soft fabric side or a cooling gel side, providing customized comfort and support for your heels. The elastic gel ensures all-day comfort and support for your feet. 

  • Anti-Odor And Shock-Absorbing Design
  • Featuring anti-bacterial agents, the breathable fabric of the Vive gel heel protectors eliminates odors and keeps your feet cool and comfortable. The Vive fabric gel heel protectors feature shock-absorbing gel padding that lessens the impact with each step, ensuring a more comfortable stride. 

  • Soothing Protection For On-The-Go
  • Infused with mineral oil, The Vive gel heel protectors soothe and protect dry or cracked heels, promoting healthier feet. For those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, stress fractures, or aching and dry heels, these protectors support and soothe your feet.

    • Portable And Reversible
      This set of four Vive gel heel protectors ensures greater protection for your feet. The included storage bag provides convenient portability, making it easy to take them with you wherever you go and keep them all safely stored in one place. A universal design with flexible elastic fabric allows you to wear each protector on your left or right foot, for greater comfort. 


    • What’s Included:

      • 4pk Fabric Gel Heel Protectors

      • 1pc Green Carry Bag

    • Color(s): Black, Beige

    • Size(s): One size

    • Product Dimensions: see image below

    • Product Weight:   1pc - 0.10lbs

    • Product Material(s): Elastic fabric, Silicone gel

    • Latex free: Yes

    • Care: 

      • Wash heel protectors with warm water and a mild soap

      • Air dry

      • Use talc, baby powder, or starch on the gel side to minimize self-sticking during storage

      • Never machine wash or dry


    • 2pr set (total of 4pcs)

      • Each protector can be used on the left or right foot

    • Includes 1pc green carry bag for storage

    • One size fits most

    • Color: Black, Beige

    • Made of soft elastic gel 

    • Silicone gel is infused with mineral oil

    • Shock absorption

    • Absorb sweat 

    • Anti-skid 

    • Anti-Odor, Anti-bacterial  (anti-bacterial agents will exist in the fabric after 100 times wash but getting weak) 

    • Double-sided design

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