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Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser with Removable Arms

Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser with Removable Arms

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Who buys this:
People with problems sitting or standing due to weakness in the knees and hips, and post-surgery patients who don't have the strength to sit or stand easily.

Why they love it:
The riser provides enough extra height to make both sitting and standing easier. It's also easy to keep clean.

A raised toilet seat is often a necessity for those who have mobility needs. The Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser with Removable Arms (Drive Medical 12402) takes it further by adding safety handles that are fastened to the side of the seat. The handles and Raised Toilet Seat will make the toilet more accessible for those who have difficulty sitting down and getting up.

This mobility aid is made of sturdy, tubular aluminum and rigid plastic. The arms have a cushiony grip to prevent any slipping. Drive Medical Seat Riser with Removable Arms can be taken off without the use of tools. They are held by a simple, yet strong mechanism that involves a brass push button that allows the arms to slide on and off. The button will pop through the positioning hole when the arms are locked and ready for use.

The toilet seat is constructed of molded, heavy-duty plastic that keeps the product light as well as durable and easy to clean. The construction is so sound that, for the user's peace of mind, Drive gives the product a limited lifetime warranty.

Product Features and Benefits
Removable Arms
Padded Arms for Better Grip
Two Sizes: Standard and Elongated
Arm Holds for Further Assistance
Made of Durable Materials
Holds Up to Wear and Tear
Easy to Clean
Easy to Install without Tools
Users Can Use their Old Toilet Seat
Drive Premium Raised Toilet Seat for Fall Risk Patients
Who Would Find this Product Useful?
Raised toilet seats eliminate some of the distance that must be made to sit down on a toilet. This gives users less room for error and can reduce the chance of a slip and fall. Because this seat also includes optional arm rails with grips, it can provide further support for those who need it. Users with the following conditions often have a higher fall risk and may find this product useful:

Age-Related Reduced Mobility
Blood Pressure Irregularities
Cerebellar Dysfunction
Cognitive Impairment
Medication Side Effects
Multiple Sclerosis
Muscle Spasticity or Rigidity
Muscular Dystrophy
Musculoskeletal Issues
Parkinson's Disease
Sensory Deficits
Stroke Recovery
Vision Impairment
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