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Crutch Pad Kit

Crutch Pad Kit

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Easily update standard adult or youth-sized crutches for greater comfort and convenience with the five piece Vive crutch accessory kit. The essential crutch kit includes a dual-pocket carry pouch to hold a drink, keys, wallet and other small items, two padded hand grips to relieve painful pressure and minimize the risk of blisters and irritation and two crutch pads to eliminate chafing, irritation and pain due to prolonged use of crutches.


  • Complete Crutch Accessory Kit
    Making crutch use more comfortable, the five piece Vive crutch accessory kit includes two padded crutch pads for underarm comfort, two hand grips to relieve hand and wrist fatigue and a water-resistant crutch pouch for safely keeping essential items close at hand. Each piece of the crutch kit is designed to fit any pair of standard or youth-sized crutches. 

  • ELIMINATING IRRITATION AND DISCOMFORT: Easy to install over the existing crutch pads, the Vive crutch pads are made with a soft, breathable material that is moisture-wicking for exceptional comfort. Padded with a resilient, high-density foam, the crutch pads gently cushion the underarm area, relieving pain and eliminating chafing. 

  • RELIEVES HAND AND WRIST FATIGUE: Wrapping the existing hand grips with comfortable padding, the Vive hand grips reduce friction and painful pressure points to relieve sore, aching hands. The hand grips also feature a breathable exterior with a non-slip lining for a secure, yet comfortable grip. 

  • SECURE STORAGE POUCH: Secured with six adjustable loop fastener straps, the Vive crutch pouch provides safe, convenient storage for small loose items such as keys, a wallet, mobile phones and a water bottle in one of two pockets. The crutch pouch is constructed with a lightweight and durable vinyl material, the pouch is water-resistant to protect the contents from spills and splashes. 


  • What’s Included:

    • 1pc crutch pouch

    • 2pc hand grips

    • 2pc crutch underarm pads

  • Color(s): Black (we may add new colors in future orders)

  • Size(s): One size

  • Product Dimensions:

    • Crutch pouch: 9.1” height x 6.1” width

    • Hand grips: 7” length x 4.25” width

    • Crutch underarm pads: 8.5” Length x 2.5” width

  • Product Weight: weights may vary

    • Crutch pouch: 0.13lbs

    • Hand grips: 0.09lbs

    • Underarm Pads: 0.14lbs

  • Material(s): foam padding

    • Leather: 70%PU

    • 30% Polyester

    • Cloth: 85% Polyester

    • 5% Spandex

  • Latex free: yes

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