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Vive Health

Compression Ankle Ice Wrap

Compression Ankle Ice Wrap

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Designed for maximum coverage, the Vive compression ankle ice wrap surrounds the foot and ankle with therapeutic heat or cold combined with targeted compression. The reusable dual therapy wrap is great for soothing sprains, strains and arthritis, effectively relieving pain, swelling and inflammation. Reversible for use on the left or right foot, the flexible neoprene wrap features an inflation bladder with a removable hand pump for customizable compression and a unique Arctic Flex gel pack for hot or cold therapy.


  • Soothing Relief For Foot And Ankle Pain
    Uniquely shaped for maximum coverage, the Vive compression ankle ice wrap provides targeted hot or cold therapy with customizable compression to relieve swelling and pain in the foot or ankle. Ideal for managing pain due to sprains, strains and sports injury, the flexible ankle wrap also helps relieve arthritis pain and stiffness as well as muscle fatigue. 

  • Customizable Compression For Optimal Relief
    Fitted with an internal air bladder, the ankle ice wrap also provides customizable compression to enhance the cold or hot therapy for maximum relief. The included removable hand pump allows you to easily customize the level of compression by adding and releasing air as needed.

  • Versatile Hot Or Cold Therapy
    Remaining flexible when frozen, the Vive ankle ice wrap includes a unique Arctic Flex gel pack for cooling relief that can also be gently heated. The reusable gel pack is made with a soft, latex-free vinyl and filled with a nontoxic gel. 

  • Flexible Fit For Either Ankle
    Universally designed for use on the left or right ankle, the compression ice wrap is secured in place with a strong fastener strap for an adjustable fit up to US men’s size 14 shoe, women’s size 12 shoe. The compression ankle ice wrap is made with a soft, neoprene blend that is latex-free for exceptional comfort. 


  • What’s Included:

    • 1pc compression ankle ice wrap with pump

  • Color(s): 

    • 306c gel pack

    • 306c outer trim

    • Gray main material

  • Size(s): one size 

    • Mens: 6.5 - 14 US shoe size

    • Womens: 5 - 12 US shoe size

  • Product Dimensions: 22.5cm *  22cm

  • Product Weight: 

    • Ankle wrap: 8.86” by 8.66”

    • Gel pack: 10.63” by 11.42”

    • Weight of the gel pack: 2.13 pounds

  • Material(s): 

    • Brace

      • 60% Neoprene

      • 15% nylon 

      • 15% Polyester

      • 10% Spandex

    • Gel pack

      • Clay gel 

  • Latex free: yes

  • Care:

    • spot clean and air dry brace.

    • Do not machine wash or dry.

    • Water will get in pump and damage it. 

    • Spot clean gel pack and wipe dry

  • How to Use for Heat Therapy:

    • Place the ankle gel pack in the microwave on a paper towel or paper plate

    • Heat on full power in 5-second increments

    • Remove the pack with tongs and place it within the brace or a wrapped towel before checking the warmth with a light touch. Packs are best used when warm to the touch not extremely hot

    • DO NOT touch the pack directly, only touch the covering. The pack may be extremely hot

    • IMPORTANT: While heating, watch the gel pack carefully. If it starts to expand, stop heating immediately


  • Internal air compression bladder

  • Long PVC tubing with hand pump

    • Air release valve

  • open/close air valve

  • Unique shaped gel pack that targets the sides of ankle and the front

    • Gel pack attaches via velcro tabs on the back

  • the inner separation heat seal lines will not be in our design

  • Open heel design

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