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Calf Ice Pack 2pk

Calf Ice Pack 2pk

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Introducing our innovative Calf Ice Pack, a cutting-edge solution designed to provide targeted cold therapy for effective relief and recovery. Crafted with utmost precision, this ergonomically designed ice wrap wraps comfortably around the calf and shin area, ensuring optimal coverage. Featuring convenient velcro straps, our Calf Ice Pack offers customizable compression and secure fastening for enhanced comfort and stability. Experience the soothing power of cold therapy with our Calf Ice Pack, your go-to companion for easing discomfort and promoting rejuvenation in the calf and shin muscles.


Hot & Cold Therapy

Safe for microwave and freezer use. Easily rotate between heated and iced treatments for the most therapeutic benefits.

Improves Healing

Helps soothe tension, bruising, and pain associated with typical calf injuries.


Enjoy two temperature strengths options. The nylon gel material allows for a deeper impact while preventing burns. The soft plush material can be used for lighter relief.

Flexible Design

Double-sided hook can be used on both sides to stay in place. The gel contours to the shape of the calf for a more personalized fit.


What’s Included: 2pc calf ice pack

Color(s): blue (306c) + gray

Size(s): one size

Product Dimensions: 47.2 x 35 x 26.96cm (18.58 x 13.77 x 10.61)

Top strap: 50 x 5cm (19.68” x 1.96”)

Bottom strap: 70 x 5cm (27.55” x 1.96”)

Product Weight: 880g / 1pc (1.94lbs)

Product Material(s):

Location A: Main Ice Pack 88% Clay + 6% PVC + 3% Nylon + 3% Dacron

Location B: Strap 90% Dacron +10% Spandex

Location C: Velcro 30% Nylon + 70% Dacron

Location D: Piping 87% Dacron + 13% Cotton

Latex free: Yes

Care: wipe clean with dry cloth, wipe clean


Plush side and gel pack side

Elastic hook & loop straps

For heating and cooling

Can be used for calf or shins


Easily Secure Wound Dressings
Ensure gauze dressing pads stay securely in place with the Vive Care surgical tape. Our Adhesive Surgical is easy to apply and remove for frequent dressing changes.

Soft, Breathable, and Latex-Free
Made with a nonwoven material, our Adhesive Surgical tape is gentle on the skin and air permeable to reduce the risk of maceration. The soft fabric tape is also latex-free to provide safe surgical tape for sensitive skin.

Conforms to the Skin
Our Adhesive Surgical tape is flexible and stretchy to adequately secure wound dressing pads over wounds and surgical incisions. The tape flexes and stretches as you move to minimize discomfort.

Surgical Tape Pack
Includes three 10.94-yard rolls of 2” Adhesive Surgical tape for securing wound care dressings of any size. Each roll features an easy-peel paper backing with a grid for easy cutting to size.

Vive Guarantee
30-day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

For 4”
Adhesive Surgical tape Pack: Includes three 10.94-yard rolls of 4” Adhesive Surgical tape for securing wound care dressings of any size. Each roll features an easy-peel paper backing with a grid for easy cutting to size.


What’s Included: 3pcs surgical tape

Color(s): White




Product Weight:

2”x10.94yd: 0.092kg/roll

4”x10.94yd: 0.184kg/roll


100% nonwoven

45g medical glue

80g release paper

Latex free: Yes



Stretchable and contour the body

Not water resistant

Grid for easy cut

Easy-peel backing - peel from middle

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