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Boxer Splint

Boxer Splint

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Stabilizing the fourth and fifth finger, the Vive boxer splint provides customizable support for metacarpal fractures, mallet or trigger fingers, injuries and more. The boxer splint includes two bendable aluminum splints that immobilize the fingers to promote natural healing. Made with a soft, breathable neoprene blend, the brace features a wrist strap, a palm strap, and a finger strap that all adjust for a comfortable fit on the left or right hand.


Stabilizing Support For The Hand
Providing exceptional support, the Vive boxer splint immobilizes the ring and pinky finger following fractures or other injuries to promote natural healing. The adjustable metacarpal brace is ideal for post-surgery, finger injuries, and fractures in the fourth and fifth metacarpal, allowing for use of the thumb and remaining fingers to complete everyday tasks.

Adjustable Splints For Easy Positioning
Made with malleable aluminum, the Vive boxer brace includes two removable splints to stabilize injured hands. Each splint is bendable so the injured hand is positioned for optimal healing and greater comfort.

Personalized Fit
Easily adjusting to fit most adult hand sizes, the boxer fracture splint is reversible for use on the left or right hand as needed. The splint is secured with three easy-pull fastener straps that are easy to adjust for a comfortable, yet secure fit.

Breathable Neoprene Wrap
Constructed with a soft neoprene blend, the latex-free boxer splint is lightweight and breathable for all-day comfort and is washable for easy cleaning.


What’s Included: 1pc boxer splint (2 sizes offered 7.75” & 9”)

Color(s): black (might add more colors later)

Size(s): 7.75” & 9”

Product Dimensions: 7.75” splint length & 9” splint length

Product Weight:

7.75” : about 78.1 grams

9”: about 91 grams


60% Neoprene

25% Nylon

15% Polyester


Latex free: Yes

Care: remove splints, hand wash cold water with mild soap. Rinse & air dry


Splints are removable

splint is bendable (this is important to note some styles on Amazon are not bendable at all)

7.25” length & 9” length splints; the width on both is 2cm and the thickness is 1.5mm on both as well

hook and loop adjustable straps

easy pull velcro

breathable neopren material - its perforated

can be used on left or right hand

splint on top and bottom (2 total per splint)

Fabric d-rings (not plastic) - more comfortable

Can be used during the day or at night during sleep

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