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Vive Health

Bendable Loofah Brush

Bendable Loofah Brush

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The Vive Bendable Loofah Brush makes it simple to clean hard-to-reach areas without twisting, bending, or straining. With a sturdy yet flexible handle, you can reach every area of your body for a more effective bath or shower. The lightweight loofah brush provides exfoliation to keep your skin supple and smooth. Each loofah brush comes with an extra loofah and a waterproof adhesive hook for hassle-free storage in your bathroom. 


  • Exfoliate And Clean Hard-To-Reach Areas
    The Vive Bendable Loofah Brush features a curved, flexible handle that can be molded to reach your feet, legs, bag, neck, and other areas without bending, twisting, or reaching. For elderly individuals or men and women who want to minimize strain in the shower, this loofah brush deeply cleanses and exfoliates to reveal smoother, brighter, and softer skin. 

  • Flexible And Sturdy Handle
    With a comfortable and soft handle that fits naturally into the palm of your hand, you can experience a more secure and relaxed grip. The flexible handle can be bent into your desired shape and is sturdy enough to remain in place until you are ready to bend it differently. 

  • Non-Slip Ergonomic Grip
    Keep a secure grip on your loofah brush while in your bath or shower with the non-slip grips on the base of the brush handle. Even in wet conditions, the brush remains securely in your hand, to minimize the risk of the tool slipping and falling out of reach. 

  • Storage And Replacement Accessories Included
    Each purchase includes the Vive Bendable Loofah Brush, a handheld loofah, and an adhesive hook with hanging strips. Conveniently store your loofah brush when not in use with the integrated hanging hook and loop. 
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