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Vive Health

Bed Rail Collection V

Bed Rail Collection V

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Providing stabilizing bedside assistance, the unique bed rail is perfect for seniors and the elderly, those with lower body weakness, limited mobility and for those recovering from back or hip replacement surgery. Easily grasp the bedrail from multiple angles and at any height for greater ease when getting in or out of bed. The safety bed assist rail is constructed with durable aluminum and foam padding and is easy to assemble and install on any size bed frame.


Versatile Bedside Support
Perfect for seniors, the Vive bed rail provides stable assistance when getting into and out of bed. Fostering independence following hip replacement surgery or injury, the adjustable bed rail allows you to sit and stand up with greater ease to minimize the risk of falls and reinjury.

Easily Grip from Any Angle
Uniquely designed, the safety bed rail allows you to easily grip the bedside support railing from any angle to comfortably pull up to a sitting position or steady yourself while standing. The bedside handrail is also padded with durable foam to create a comfortable, nonslip grip.

Use With Any Size Bed Frame
Simple to install, the bed rail works with any standard bed frame and any size including king, queen and twin beds. Made with a strong aluminum frame, the dropdown safety rail features a long stabilizing bar with nonslip foam padding. Also included is a strong, adjustable strap for anchoring the bed rail on the opposite side of the frame for maximum stability.

Simple, Tool-Free Assembly
The bed assist rail includes everything needed for quick and easy assembly. Suitable for use on the left or right side of the bed, the bed assist rests between the mattress and box spring or platform and utilizes an anchor strap to ensure the rail is snug against the mattress.



What’s Included: 1 bedrail, 1 securing strap

Color(s): silver

Dimensions: 21”x23”x14,5”

Weight: 3.19lbs

Uses: Provides added stability for getting into or out of bed

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