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Bed Ladder

Bed Ladder

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Independently sit up in bed with the assistance of the bed ladder by Vive. Perfect for those recovering from surgery, suffering from back pain, or experiencing limited mobility. The sturdy bed ladder has three soft, non-slip handles for a comfortable and secure grip. Set at 10.5” apart, the soft handles allow individuals to pull themselves up incrementally.


Easily Sit Up In Bed
Assisting those with spinal injuries, lower extremity weakness and limited range of motion, the bed ladder allows individuals to incrementally rise to a seated position. Constructed with a durable webbing that supports up to 300 pounds, the sturdy bed ladder makes sitting up in bed easy for those recovering from surgery, as well as those who are pregnant or suffering from back problems.

Tool-Free Installation
Easily installs on any bed frame with a secure composite buckle. The ladder is easy to remove and is portable for additional assistance while traveling as well as at home.

Adjustable Length Ladder Design
The bed ladder strap length is adjustable to achieve the perfect fit for every bed. Easily set the ladder length to assist any individual by adjusting the strap to allow the first ladder handle to reach the individual’s waist while lying down.

Soft Nonslip Handles
Covered with a soft EVA foam, the three bed hoist handles provide a secure, nonslip grip for exceptional comfort. Each nonslip handle is five inches in length to provide a comfortable grip. The three handles are spaced 10.5” apart for optimal assistance while rising.


What’s Included:

Bed ladder

60 Day Guarantee

Uses: For assisting in rising to a seated position in bed


Strap Length: Adjustable 48” – 72”

Length between handles: 10.5”

Handle Grip: 5”

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs


Strap: Polypropylene

Handle: EVA with PP plastic

How To Install:

Loop bed ladder strap around the bed frame at the foot of the bed.

Snap the buckle and adjust the strap so that the top handle meets the waist level when lying down.

How To Use:

Using a hand-over-hand movement.

sit up in bed by pulling on successive rungs of the ladder until reaching a seated position.

Care Instructions: Wipe strap and handles with a damp cloth and dry immediately

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