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Arthritis Gloves

Arthritis Gloves

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Soothing sore, aching hands, fingers and wrists, the form-fitting Vive compression gloves provide gentle compression and therapeutic heat to relieve stiffness, inflammation and pain due to arthritis, repetitive motion injury and more. The open finger design allows for a full range of motion to easily complete everyday tasks such as driving, typing, using mobile devices, gardening and exercise. Soft and flexible, the arthritis gloves feature smart seam stitching to minimize irritation and are made with a cotton-spandex blend that is lightweight and breathable for all-day comfort.


Soothing Compression Therapy
Embracing the natural shape of each hand, the Vive arthritis gloves are form-fitting, providing therapeutic compression to relieve pain, stiffness and inflammation. The soft compression gloves soothe sore, aching tendons, muscles and joints to effectively relieve arthritis pain by reducing stress on pressure points in the fingers, hands and wrists.

Open Finger Design
Striking the perfect balance between optimal compression support and mobility, the arthritis compression gloves feature an open finger design. The open finger design allows wearers to easily perform everyday tasks, including using electronic devices, typing, cooking, driving and gardening.

Breathable Comfort Blend
Constructed with a lightweight, cotton-spandex blend, the fingerless arthritis gloves are breathable for all-day comfort. The blend is also temperature regulating, retaining therapeutic heat to soothe aching joints without feeling hot or stuffy.

Durable Smart Stitching
Updated in 2019 for exceptional durability, the Vive compression gloves feature new smart seam stitching to minimize irritation and pressure points for greater comfort.


Whats Included

Arthritis compression gloves (one pair)

Vive 60-day warranty


Relieves pain, stiffness and inflammation in the wrists, hands and finger

Great for computer use, driving, gardening and more

Therapeutic compression support for arthritis and carpal tunnel pain

Flexible fit gloves for women and men

Open fingertip design for complete mobility

Minimal seam stitching for greater comfort

Lightweight, breathable blend for all day wear

Available in three sizes: small, medium and large


Latex-free, cotton-spandex blend

Care Instructions:

Hand wash cold

Air dry

Sizing (Measure Width at Knuckles):

Small: Up to 3.125" (7.9 cm)

Medium: Up to 3.5" (8.9 cm)

Large: Up to 4" (10.1 cm)

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