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Armrest Pads

Armrest Pads

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Perfect for standard office chairs, the Vive armrest pads upgrade the feel of your chair with comfortable cushioning. The set of two armrest pads are made with a contouring memory foam to support the elbow, forearm and wrist for all-day comfort. The soft removable covers feature a textured lining to prevent shifting and two adjustable fastener straps for easily attaching to your chair’s armrests.


Cushioned Arm and Elbow Support
Gently cushioning the elbows and wrists, the set of two Vive armrest pads alleviates painful pressure on the joints and reduces fatigue in the arms and shoulders. The soft, supportive armrest pillow covers are great for office chairs and gaming chairs, cradling the arms for maximum comfort throughout the day.

Contouring Memory Foam Padding
Elevating the elbows, the armrest pad covers are 1.5” thick to provide comfortable cushioning and promote proper arm positioning at a desk or table. The armrest pad interior is made with a resilient memory foam that contours to the arms for greater support and comfort.

Fits Your Favorite Office Chair
Easily attach the Vive armrest pads to your favorite office, gaming or armchair. Each armrest pad cover features two adjustable fastener straps that secure the armrest in place. The arm pillows measure 10” by 4.5” by 1.5” to provide optimal coverage for most armchair styles.

Removable, Nonslip Covers
Each armrest pad features a hidden zipper allowing the soft cover to be removed and easily cleaned as necessary. The underside of each removable cover is lined with nonslip dots to prevent shifting and sliding while in use.


What’s Included:

2pcs memory foam armrest cushions with straps

Color(s): Black

Size(s): One Size

Product Dimensions: 10” x 4.75” x 1.5”

Product Weight: 0.24 lbs per piece


100% Faux Wool

Silicone non-slip



Latex free: Yes


Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent, hang dry.

Spot clean foam with a damp cloth and air dry


2 adjustable straps to secure onto any chair style (via Velcro) - these can be cut to size if needed.

Will work with any chair style (see below) - we wanted to add the skirt to make it stretch and fit over the armrests but some chairs will not allow a slip on style so it was best to keep it with straps

The max circumference of the straps is 13”.

Non-slip dots on the bottom to keep in place

Zipper cover - you can remove the foam out for cleaning if needed.
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