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Arm Sling

Arm Sling

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Whether recuperating from an injury, recovering from surgery, or seeking to alleviate shoulder, arm or wrist pain, the Vive arm sling provides well balanced support and stability while remaining cool and comfortable. An easily adjustable and generously padded strap holds a lightweight, breathable sling, comfortably stabilizing the arm, wrist or shoulder throughout the day. Additionally, an integrated thumb loop reduces fatigue by allowing the hand to rest in a neutral position.


Comfortable Ergonomic Support
Providing balanced support and stability to minimize movement and reduce pain, Vive’s arm sling is made of a lightweight, breathable fabric and features an integrated thumb loop to reduce hand fatigue and a generously padded strap for comfortable extended wear. Ergonomically designed, the sling evenly distributes the weight of the arm to reduce pain and eliminate pressure points. The reversible sling can be used on the left or right arm and is easily adjusted with a front facing buckle. Two interior pockets allow you to carry essential items with ease.

Lightweight Breathable Materials
Constructed of a lightweight breathable material, the arm sling remains cool and comfortable throughout the day. The durable sling is machine washable for added convenience.

Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap
Generously padded to comfortably contour to the body, the shoulder strap is adjustable for a customizable fit. The strap slide buckle is forward-facing for easy one-handed adjustments.

Easily Carry The Necessities
Two interior mesh pockets keep essential items close at hand. Easily carry and access mobile devices, ID cards and similar small items.


What’s Included:

1x Single reversible arm sling

1x 60 day guarantee

Uses: Provides support for your shoulder, elbow, arm or wrist injuries and stabilizes your shoulder or arm following surgery.

Materials: Latex-free fabric blend


Sling length: 16”

Adjustable strap length: 17” to 34”

Care Instructions:

Machine wash on cold

Lay flat to dry.


Safely supports the arm, shoulder, and rotator cuff

Reversible design for the left or right arm

Padded shoulder strap with front facing buckle adjustments

Integrated thumb loop for comfort

Two interior pockets for small items such as cash, Id cards, or cell phones

Lightweight, breathable material

Machine washable

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