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Arch Support Gel Insoles

Arch Support Gel Insoles

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Providing gentle cushioning and arch support, the ViveSole Arch Support Gel Insoles stabilize the feet and absorb the impact of every step to reduce painful pressure and fatigue in the feet, legs and lower back. Featuring a neutral arch for flat, neutral and high arches and a u-shaped heel cup, the insoles are made with a resilient gel that retains its shape for long-term wearability. The full-length insoles can be trimmed for a comfortable fit in most shoe styles and are also lined with a soft material to eliminate odors.


STABILIZING ARCH SUPPORTS: Designed for comfortable all-day wear, the ViveSole arch support gel insoles are contoured to provide neutral support for any foot arch type. The full-length insoles also stabilize the foot while in motion to reduce discomfort and fatigue throughout any activity.

TRIM TO FIT ANY SHOE: Available in two sizes, our cushioning gel insoles may be trimmed with household scissors for the perfect fit in any shoe. The supportive insoles are suitable for any shoe style, including athletic, casual and dress shoes, work boots and more.

SHOCK ABSORBING GEL: Made with a resilient gel, our insoles for women and men absorb the impact of every step. The gel insoles have a u-shaped heel cup for greater stability when walking and cushioning support at the ball of the foot.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: Our ViveSole arch support gel insoles are exceptionally lightweight and slim for maximum comfort. Lined with a velvet-soft material, our shoe inserts retain their shape well, are washable and easily moved from shoe to shoe.


What’s Included:

1pair Arch Support Gel Insoles

Color(s): One color

Top: black + 306c

Bottom: blue 2118c + teal 3245c



US Women’s

US Men’s


6.5 -11.5 

6 - 10.5


12 & up

11- 16


Product Dimensions:

S/M: 273x88.5mm

L/XL: 317.5x96mm

Product Weight:

S/M: 169g/pair

L/XL: 210g/pair

Product Material(s): Velvet fabric and TPE gel

Latex free: Yes

Care: Rinse bottom side under water and air dry. Do NOT machine wash or dry.

Electrical specifications: N/A

Product Specifications:

Trimmable with scissors.

U-Shaped Heel design for Stability.

Low arch design for foot support and comfort.

Shock absorbing insoles

Antimicrobial top fabric

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