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Vive Health

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Comfortably stand at the kitchen counter, standing desk, workbench and more with the addition of an anti-fatigue mat. The anti-fatigue mat provides supportive cushioning to relieve foot and back pain and promote better posture to reduce fatigue and discomfort. Constructed with a high-density foam core, the mat features a waterproof platform with beveled edges and a nonslip base to minimize slipping and tripping hazards. Easy to clean, the anti-fatigue floor mat is nontoxic, latex and odor-free and safe for all surfaces.


Alleviate Fatigue And Discomfort
Providing comfortable cushioning, the anti-fatigue mat is great for standing desks, workshop areas, kitchen prep stations and more. The high-density foam mat effectively supports the feet for better posture, relieving foot and back pain, as well as general discomfort and fatigue caused by standing for long periods of time.

Textured Exterior
The anti-fatigue mat is safe for use with shoes, socks and even bare feet. The faux leather surface provides greater traction and features beveled edges for easy use with rolling chairs and mobility aids.

Nontoxic, Slip Resistant Design
Safe for any floor surface, including tile, hardwood, carpet and laminate, the anti-fatigue mat base is textured to grip the surface for exceptional stability. The supportive floor mat is also nontoxic and latex-free, free from chemical odors and off-gassing for safe, long-term use.

Simple To Clean
Designed with a durable, waterproof exterior, the anti-fatigue mat can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth as needed. Perfect for pet owners, the mat does not collect dirt or pet hair for simple cleaning.



What’s Included:

Vive Anti-Fatigue Mat

60 day guarantee


Reduces leg, foot & back pain

Minimizes fatigue


Small: 17.5" x 32"

Large: 24" x 23"


Non-toxic, latex-free, high-density foam

Antimicrobial coating

Care Instructions:

Wipe with damp cloth and mild soap

Air dry completely before use


Thickness is ⅞” for all sizes

Latex free

PVC leather top


Synthetic rubber bottom

Small size is 17.5” x 32” and large is 24” x 36”

Comes in two colors; gray and black

Care: Can be wiped down with damp cloth, dry immediately

Top is waterproof

Works on all surfaces (tiles, wooden floors, carpet etc..)

Small one is rolled for packaging purposes

Non-toxic material

No chemical odor

Works with shoes, socks, barefoot

Better posture, prevent foot fatigue, alleviate back pain, diabetic friendly

Safe for pets, doesn’t collect hair

Tapered edges, works with office chair

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