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Ankle Compression Socks (2 Pair)

Ankle Compression Socks (2 Pair)

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Creating targeted compression, the Plantar Fasciitis Socks relieve plantar fasciitis pain, achilles tendonitis, chronic foot pain and more. The nonslip socks are made with a ribbed material that provides moderate compression therapy and gentle support for the foot to relieve fatigue, swelling and inflammation. The moisture-wicking socks are comfortably soft, lightweight and machine washable.


All-Day Pain Relieving Support
Providing flexible support for relieving plantar fasciitis pain, the Vive plantar fasciitis socks increase circulation throughout the foot, reducing inflammation and improving mobility. Great for active individual and those on their feet throughout the day, each of the two pairs of open-toed compression socks are slim, comfortably fitting in most athletic and casual shoes as well as sandals and boots.

Powerful Compression Therapy
Each sock features targeted ribbing to offer moderate compression, relieving heel and arch pain, plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis. The compression sock also provides gentle support for the arch and ankle minimizing fatigue, swelling and chronic pain.

No-Slip Design
Constructed with soft, structured cuffs, the plantar fasciitis sock will not slip or bunch for a comfortable fit throughout the day. Versatile designed for both men and women, the plantar fasciitis compression sleeves are flexible for use during any activity. Great for teachers, nurses runners, hikers, and sports enthusiasts.

Soft Breathable Blend
Lightweight socks are made with a breathable, antibacterial blend for exceptional comfort. The moisture-wicking blend keeps feet cool and dry while resisting bacterial build up to eliminate unpleasant odors. Machine washable socks are durably constructed to withstand frequent cleaning.


What’s Included:

Plantar fasciitis sock- two pairs

60 day guarantee

Care Instructions:

Machine in wash in cold water with like colors

Tumble dry low

Color(s): 9 different color options

Black/Gray - Pantone Cool Gray 7C

Gray/Black - Pantone Cool Gray 7C

Black/Blue - Pantone 300C

Blue/Black - Pantone 300C

Black/Pink - Pantone 210C

Pink/Black - Pantone 210C

Tan/Beige - Finalizing Pantone with vendor





Arch Circumference 

US Shoe Size (some competitors include EU sizing as well)


5 - 8in (12 - 21cm)

M: 3 - 5.5

W: 4 -6.5


7 - 10 in (18 - 26cm)

M: 6 - 9

W: 7 - 10.5


9 - 13 in (23 - 33cm)

M: 10 - 13

W: 11 - Plus


11 - 15 in (28 - 38cm)

M: 13.5 - Plus


Product Weight: 1 pair weighs about 0.07lbs


65% Nylon

30% Lycra

5% Spandex

Uses (Recovery & Injury Prevention)

Alleviate or help prevent plantar fasciitis

Reduce inflammation/swelling of the foot

Reduce heel pain (heel spurs)

Alleviates Tendonitis

Improve feet circulation

For sport or physical activity use

Post or pre workout


Comes in 9 different color options


Comes in 2 pairs

Each sock can be worn on left or right foot

4 sizes available: Measure the circumference of the foot to figure out size (the size of each sock is stitched inside the top band of the sock)

Open-toed design

Great for summer weather

No issues with longer feet that don’t fit with standard size socks; overall it’s more comfortable design for toes

Elastic top and bottom bands for secure fit

Targeted graduated arch compression

20-30 mmHg compression rating

Compresses the arch and ankle

Thin and breathable

Approx. 1mm thickness

Materials: Nylon+lycra+spandex blend


Moisture Wicking

Latex Free

They are anti-slip

FDA registered

Can be worn with shoes and socks over them or socks under them

For day or night use

Can be machine washed or dried

Machine was in cold water. Tumble dry low

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