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Vive Health

Ankle Brace

Ankle Brace

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Supporting the ankle with dual lateral and medial straps, the Vive ankle brace is constructed with a lightweight, breathable neoprene that is held securely in place with extra strong fasteners. Providing therapeutic compression therapy, the wrap reduces inflammation and pain caused by injury, arthritis or other conditions. The versatile ankle brace can be worn on either foot and is great for active individuals as well as those with weak or sore ankles.


Stabilizing Ankle Support
Providing additional stability and support for ankle tendons and joints, the heavy-duty ankle brace reduces the risk of reinjury. Adjustable to reduce pain and pressure caused by arthritis, sprains, swelling, bursitis, tendonitis and surgery.

Customizable Compression Therapy
Adjustable cross-brace compression bands provide the optimal amount of pressure for comfortable support and effective pain relief. The neoprene compression brace also retains therapeutic heat and increases blood circulation to promote healing from injury or surgery. Provides customized support for weak or sore ankles.

Adjustable Contoured Design
Dual straps wrap around the ankle providing lateral and medial support for greater stability. The brace is fully adjustable with strong hook and loop fasteners for a customized, nonslip fit. The open heel, contoured design allows for a minimal range of motion during recreational activities or sporting events to minimize the risk of injury.

Versatile Lightweight Brace
Breathable and lightweight, the neoprene blend is slim fitting for superior comfort. The versatile designed ankle support can be worn on either foot, with or without socks and can easily be worn with most shoe styles. Great for everyday wear and for running, hiking, baseball, tennis, golf, cycling, soccer, basketball and weightlifting.


What’s Included:

1x Ankle Support

2x Extenders

Color(s): Black

Size(s): one size

Product Material(s):

3mm thick neoprene

Extra-strength fastening material

Latex free: Yes


Machine wash with cold water

Air dry

Uses: Provides therapeutic compression therapy to reduce inflammation and pain caused by injury, arthritis, tendonitis, weak ankles, or other conditions


Extenders Included


For left or right foot


Open heel design

Cross strap support

Adjust the level of pressure you need

Firm foam stabilizers on each side

Can be worn with shoes / socks

For use with







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