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Vive Health

Aluminum Finger Splint

Aluminum Finger Splint

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Protecting injured fingers and thumbs, the Vive finger splint set includes one small, one medium, and one large splint for stabilizing fractures, sprains and more. Suitable for both children and adults, each splint is made with bendable aluminum and a foam lining that is soft and breathable for all-day comfort. Two thin fastener straps secure the fold-over finger splint in place for easily completing daily tasks.


Protect And Support Injured Fingers
Ideal for supporting breaks and sprains, the Vive finger splint set provides stabilizing support with comfortable cushioning. The aluminum finger splints provide customizable support, effectively reducing stiffness in the injured finger and promoting natural healing.

Sized For Any Finger
The Vive finger splint set includes three splints in three lengths for comfortable use on any finger. Secure,d with two adjustable fastener straps, the small, medium and large splints are suitable for both adults and children.

Customizable Aluminum Splint
Bendable for customized support, each finger splint features an exterior aluminum splint. The fold-over design is also great for protecting new fingernail growth and minor cuts requiring sutures.

Generously Padded
Extra soft, the finger splints are lined with a foam padded to protect tender skin. For greater comfort, the finger splints are breathable to keep the fingers cool and dry while in use.


What’s Included:

1pc small splint with straps

1pc medium splint with straps

1pc large splint with straps


Light blue covering (this comes off)

Black foam

Black straps

Aluminum splint color

Size(s): 3 sizes




Product Dimensions:

24mm largest width

15mm smallest width for all.

7mm thick black foam on all


92mm length (3.62”)

Full Length extended 193mm

Weight: 0.036lbs


81mm length (3.19”)

Full Length extended 169mm

Weight: 0.03lbs


55mm length (2.17” )

Full Length 118 mm

Weight: 0.02lbs




velcro straps

Latex free: yes


wipe off with dry cloth.

Do not machine wash or dry


2 removable Velcro straps to secure onto the finger (these come completely separated from the splints for compact packaging)

The opposite side of the splint has a velcro tab that attaches to the strap for a more secure method

Soft padded foam - 7mm thick

Detachable velcro strap (mainly for packaging optimization)

Bendable aluminum splint

1.5mm thick aluminum

They are coming flat and extended due to packaging optimization, the straps will come to separate as well

Customers will need to bend the splint to fit and add the straps, we are adding an insert on how to attach the straps

They work for all fingers types (short finger, long fingers)

Holes for breathability

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