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Adjustable Foot Rocker

Adjustable Foot Rocker

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Adjusts to Fit Any Foot Size: Safely stretch and increase flexibility in the foot, ankle, and calf with the Vive adjustable foot rocker. Ergonomically designed, the foot rocker includes a toe extender that accommodates foot sizes over US men’s size 9. The fluid rocking motion of the calf stretcher gently and evenly stretches the foot and calf to relieve pain, improve circulation and reduce fatigue, injury, and muscle strain.

Reduce Foot and Heel Pain: Effectively reducing pain from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, ankle strain, arch pain, and other painful conditions, the adjustable foot rocker facilitates a deep stretch of ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Increasing range of motion and flexibility, the safe stretches also minimize heel, leg, and back discomfort. A spiky massage ball is also included for targeted, deep tissue massage.

Nonslip Rocker Design: Safe for use on any flat surface, including hardwood and tile flooring, the Vive adjustable foot rocker base is lined with nonslip foam. The foam padding ensures the foot rocker remains in place without sliding.

Ergonomic Foot Plate: The adjustable foot stretcher features an angled footplate to ensure proper foot position for safe, effective stretching and a mid-foot gap for ankle strengthening as well. The footplate is textured with nonslip treads for greater traction while wearing athletic shoes. A light padding lines the raised heel plate for greater comfort if stretching while barefoot.


Safely and effectively stretch each ankle, calf, and foot of any size with the Vive adjustable foot rocker. Sized to fit most adults, a toe extender is included that easily clips on the front of the foot rocker to fit large foot sizes. Ergonomically designed with an angled footplate to promote proper foot posture, the foot stretcher gently and evenly stretches the foot to relieve foot pain, reduce fatigue and increase circulation and flexibility.

What’s Included:

Vive Adjustable Foot Rocker

Toe Extender

Spike Massage Ball
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