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Vive Health

Adjustable Arch Sleeves

Adjustable Arch Sleeves

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Supporting the arch with gentle compression, the arch compression sleeves relieve foot, arch and heel pain, as well as knee, hip and back pain by maintaining proper alignment. Each pair of compression sleeves also includes a set of gel compression pads to comfortably support any arch height for optimal foot pain relief. Safely wear throughout the day, the sleeves are made with a lightweight, breathable blend that stays cool and dry. The flexible sleeves fit in any shoe style and are great for those on their feet all day.


Pain-Relieving Compression Therapy
Providing gentle compression for all-day support, the Vive arch compression sleeves relieve foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heel and arch pain, tendonitis and arthritis. Improving circulation through the foot, the arch sleeves reduce inflammation and promote natural healing and proper foot alignment with each step. Each sleeve is ribbed to ensure constant, even compression throughout the sleeve. Great for active individuals and those on their feet all day.

Customizable Arch Support
Each arch compression sleeve includes three uniquely shaped gel pads with different thickness to provide custom support for any arch height. The silicone gel pads can be used individually or combined for greater customization. Slip the gel pads into the included left and right pockets, then secure the repositional pockets on the inside of each sleeve for comfortable support throughout the day.

Flexible Fit Sleeves
Flexible compression sleeves accommodate arch circumferences up to 10.5” while maintaining elasticity for a comfortable, secure fit day after day. The sleeves have a lightly textured interior to hold the sleeves securely in place without slipping, rolling, pinching or bunching. Easily fitting in any shoe, including dress, casual and athletic shoes, the slim arch compression sleeves also fit in boots and sandals. Wear the sleeve while barefoot or comfortably wear them under or over socks and hosiery.

Lightweight And Breathable
Constructed with a lightweight blend, the compression sleeves are breathable, wicking away moisture to keep the feet cool and dry.


What's included?

1pair arch sleeves

1pair fabric pockets for gel inserts (velcro open/close)

1pair small gel inserts

4mm arch support

1pair medium gel inserts

8mm arch support

1pair large gel inserts

13mm arch support

Materials: Silicone gel

One size fits most: Fits up to 10.5” foot circumference, measure foot around the arch.

Comes in 3 color options




Made of breathable material

Latex Free: yes

For use with

fallen arches

High arches

flat feet

plantar fasciitis

heel spurs

Care: Hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Hang Dry. Do not bleach. Rinse pads in water and dry immediately


Left and Right foot indicators on the fabric pockets

Comes with 3 gel inserts for custom arch support, gel inserts can be combined

Can be worn with sock, shoes, or sandals

Noted: Gel silicone pads cannot be heated or cooled.
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